IL MURO DEL CANTO, only summer date in Rome on 7 July pending the new album!

After almost a year's stop, Il Muro del Canto returns in concert for a single summer date Saturday 7 July at Villa Ada in Romewhose tickets are already available on i-Ticket. On this occasion the band will present Life Is One, the first single from his fourth studio album, which will see the light of day in the autumn. The concert also marks the beginning of the band's collaboration with Barley Arts Promotionin anticipation of the tour that will accompany the album's release.

Il Muro Del Canto is a timeless folk voice. It is the hymn to the earth, the disenchantment, the serenade. It is a heartfelt work song, it is the ancient lullaby. It is a musical project that moves, awakens and inflames souls. It makes people cry, smile and dance.

The Titty Killer (Goodfellas, 2012) is the first official album and follows the path started in 2010 with the single Luce Mia and then with the six-track EP Il Muro Del Canto. A record that shows a cultural universe with its roots firmly planted in the pavements of the capital: sixteen tracks that take the listener on a journey with no return, among the stories and characters of a great and decadent merry-go-round.

In December 2012, Il Muro del Canto participates in a special concert within the Rebibbia Prison. This will not be the only time the group will bring their stories in front of an audience of prisoners.

29 October 2013, Il Muro del Canto releases its second album Ancora Ridi. The mixing is entrusted to Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Afterhours, Calibre 35), who realised it by mixing Roman dialect with guitars stolen from the best overseas tradition, western atmospheres in the style of Morricone and a distinctly folk accordion, creating a sound mixture that confirms the band's original and already distinctive sound. The disc is presented with two concerts in Rome, both sold out.

Still in 2015, Il Muro del Canto arranges the first single from the latest album by Piotta7 Vizi Capitalialso appearing in the video clip. The song would later become the theme song for the TV series Suburraaired on Netflix in more than 190 countries around the world and of which a second season is in preparation.

Il Muro del Canto returns with their third and highly anticipated studio work, Fiore De Niente. The Roman band proposes an album that highlights its distinctive traits and, at the same time, introduces novelties both in the lyrics and in the arrangements. They continue their search for a naked and real language that clearly and deliberately distances itself from the communicative artifices of contemporary songwriting. The strength of the Capitoline dialect, which has always nourished the band's strong roots, emerges clearly from the title: a tribute to the Roman singing tradition described with all the disillusionment and anger of the man who lives in the present. The sound is made up of multiple nuances ranging from American folk to the roughest blues, from the Irish sound to Ennio Morricone's markedly western soundtracks, passing through melodies familiar to French chansonnier which, blackened, romanised and pushed towards rock, reach the point of lapping up punk. The tour accompanying the release of Fiore De Niente totalled more than 80 concerts around Italy, concluding with a big party in Piazzale del Verano in Rome on 10 August 2017 with over 5,000 attendees.

The band is currently working on their fourth album, which will see the light of day in autumn 2018.

Il Muro del Canto è Daniele Coccia (voice and lyrics), Alessandro Pieravanti (narrator and percussion), Ludovico Lamarra (electric bass), Eric Caldironi (acoustic guitar and piano), Giancarlo Barbati Bonanni (electric guitar and backing vocals) and Alessandro Marinelli (accordion).