IMMANUEL CASTO announces new album 'THE PINK ALBUM' and new tour

25 September sees the release of 'THE PINK ALBUM" (Freak&Chic/Artist First) the fourth unreleased album by IMMANUEL CASTO, icon of the Italian LGBT world and king of the Porn Groove genre, which comes two years after the last record and is anticipated by the single "Deepthroat Revolution".

From October, the Casto Divo will undertake an explosive tour in Italy's best clubs. Pre-sales are now open for the following dates of the #THEPINKTOUR:
24 October MODENA - Off
6 November ROME - Blackout
21 November NAPLES - Duel Beat
27 November TURIN - Cap 10100
2 December MILAN - Alcatraz
12 December PORDENONE - The Deposit

Ticketone direct link HERE

"Deepthroat Revolution" (Freak&Chic/Artist First), the new single by the histrionic artist who casts his irreverent gaze on the society that surrounds us, painting a picture of it. a satirical portrait to the rhythm of danceis available as a digital download and on major streaming platforms.

Immanuel Casto is ready to amaze the public, one year after the last single 'Sexual Navigator" taken from the album 'Freak & Chic' (2013), and after collaborations with Romina Falconi in singles 'Eyeliner" e "Dreaming of Krakow" that brought the two artists together on stage for the "Dreaming of Krakow Tour' that has collected numerous sold-out shows in clubs all over Italy.

Meanwhile, the success of Squillo continues®, the prickly card game dedicated to prostitution and conceived by Immanuel Casto himself, who after the release of the "Pleasure Trilogy' ("Deluxe Edition', 'Bordello d'Oriente' and "Misplaced Marchettari") is expected at the upcoming Lucca Comics&Games for the fourth episode of the saga, which will be unveiled shortly.

The book 'All About Me' will be released in October. (Tsunami Editions), biography of Immanuel Casto edited by Max Ribaric.


Immanuel Casto, Anagrafe Manuel Cuni, was born in Bergamo and already in his teens began his artistic studies related to theatre and visual arts, devoting himself especially to graphics. In 2002, he moved to Bologna and after working in the theatre, he began his musical project in 2004 as Immanuel Casto. Five years of career lived embryonically on YouTube, collecting millions of hits thanks to refined and somewhat unsettling video clipsand perfecting a precise musical style he calls 'Porn Groove'. Without any record support in the shops or television rotation, Immanuel Casto soon scored numerous sold-out concerts in major Italian clubs and an ever-growing popular hype. He currently has three albums under his belt: the collection 'Porn Groove 2004-2009', 2011's 'Adult Music' and his latest work 'Freak&Chic' released at the end of 2013.