4 October in Modena, 11 October in Prato, 29 October in Milan, 30 October in Lucca, 8 November in Bologna, 14 November in Pescara and 28 November in Rome.
October 2014 sees the launch of "Dreaming of Krakow Tour"the live tour that brings together on the same stage IMMANUEL CASTO and ROMINA FALCONIThe band, which has been friends and close musical partners for years, will be on tour together for the first time. They will present their own songs and new surprise songs for a sparkling and choreographic show that will be performed all over Italy.
The title of the tour comes from the song 'Sognando Cracovia', one of the most significant collaborations between the two singers, together with 'Sognando Cracovia'.Crash"and the recent "Eyeliner". The latter is the new single taken from "Through"the second EP in Romina Falconi's trilogy "Some dreams are made Through a thread of hate"(JLe Management). The video of 'Eyeliner':
"Dreaming of Krakow Tour (produced and organised by Freak&Chic and Barley Arts) The show will take place all over Italy and will feature singer-songwriter Romina Falconi and the king of porn grooves Immanuel Casto accompanied by a band and the dance troupe The Beat Girls. The show will be enhanced by Immanuel Casto's visuals.
These are the first confirmed dates: on 4 October at Club Off in Modena, on 11 October at Exenzia Rock Club in Prato, on 29 October at Alcatraz in Milan, on 30 October at Teatro del Giglio in Lucca, on 8 November at Estragon in Bologna, on 14 November at Tipografia club in Pescara, on 28 November at BlackOut in Rome.
Immanuel Casto, known as Casto Divo, was born in Bergamo and then moved permanently to Bologna. During his adolescence he began his artistic studies related to theatre and visual arts, devoting himself especially to graphics. His five-year career was embryonically lived on Youtube, collecting millions of hits thanks to his refined and somewhat disorienting video clips, and perfecting a precise musical style that he defined as 'Porn Groove'. He has three albums to his credit: 'Porn Groove 2004-2009', 'Adult Music' (2011) and Freak&Chic (2013). Immanuel Casto is also the creator of 'Squillo', the best-selling card game of 2013.

Romina Falconi, born in Rome, has been interested in music since she was a child, studying singing and performing locally. In 2007, Romina presented the song 'Ama' at the Sanremo Festival in the Youth Section. She then moved to Milan, where she collaborated with various names on the independent scene, including Immanuel Casto. Between 2009 and 2010 she was a backing vocalist on Eros Ramazzotti's "Ali e Radici World Tour". In 2012 he took part in X Factor Italia under the artistic direction of Morgan. In 2013 she collaborated again with Immanuel Casto and was invited as a special guest to the 16th edition of the Eutelsat TV Awards in Venice. Romina Falconi is currently working on the original trilogy "Certi sogni si fanno Attraverso Un filo d'odio", consisting of three EPs, the last of which will be released in the autumn, with producer Filippo Fornaciari, aka The Long Tomorrow.