In anticipation of the new album, GIORGIENESS announces the first stages of the new tour

Recordings of the new disc officially finished, Giorgieness announces the first stages of the tour starting in October related to the new artistic phase of the Lombardy rock band. The first date is set on Saturday 7 October at Cagliari's Auditorium Comunale, as part of KME, the band will then be on Friday 13 October at Brescia's Latteria Molloy for the "Quasi Adatti" format and on Saturday 28 October at Modena's Vibra for MÁT (entrance with ARCI membership card). Tickets for the Cagliari concert can be purchased on the official circuit Vivaticketwhile for the other two dates it will be possible to buy them directly at the box office on the evening of the concert.

Giorgieness's new album, all the details of which will be announced shortly, will represent a new chapter for Giorgieness: a perfect balance between visceral rock energy and a more solid and mature sound, constantly searching for a new space through Giorgie d'Eraclea's voice and vocal harmonies. The album is anticipated by the release of the single Dimmi Dimmi: personal, visceral and intense, it shows a more mature side of the singer-songwriter born in Valtellina on Christmas Day '91; a side that had already peeped out on her debut album in songs such as 'Che Strano Rumore' and 'Il Presidente', which find full fulfilment in this new track and cast a glance at the future.

"That anger that made me scream has transformed. It remained, but at the same time it became something else: a tired melancholy, without rancour. With these colours I thought up the voice of the song and in this sense we also worked on the sound, less violent and more reasoned, with a piano that Davide arranged and played pulling it straight out of my stomach'.

The recordings were also attended by Andrea De Poi (bass), Lou Capozzi (drums), while the guitars and pianos are by Davide Lasalawho edited the piece with Giorgie the musical structure, and then produce, arrange, mix and master the song at theEDAC Studio (Cantù) together with Andrea Fognini at the end of last winter.

"This track is a kind of farewell to 'The Right Distance', it still has a similar language, but the basic idea is different. To the "you" I talk to I no longer have to prove anything, I just obsessively ask what else he wants from me.

The underlying question of the piece is this. I think one changes a lot from the age of twenty to twenty-five, I have grown and somehow my writing has grown. It is my head that, in accordance with the guts, tells what events provoke in me. I am trying to expose myself more, instead of limiting myself. Basically this has changed, before events crushed me like a tank and I had to reconstruct them through songs, now I focus on the effects events and people have on my life."

An intense, strong song with a clear live imprint; the result of well over 80 dates in a very intense year that brought the band to perform all over Italy with an ever-growing audience of fans. Fans attentive both to the powerful sound generated by the band in live performances and to the words and voice of Giorgie who strikes at the head-heart-belly of those who find themselves in front of her 'armed' with a microphone.

"The live show is a mystical experience, personal and collective at the same time, fundamental for each of the four of us. In that sense we can only be happy with the last year. We have played a lot. It was important to engage with people and other musicians, with situations and geographies far away from us, which always ended up being a great party. One of the greatest satisfactions was Shirley Manson from Garbage, who on our second gig together came to greet us in the dressing room as if we were old friends. It's comforting to see that at any level, if you want to, you can remain spontaneous and enthusiastic in doing the most beautiful thing for a musician: playing music."




Saturday 7 October 2017

Cagliari, KME - Municipal Auditorium

Ticket: € 13.00 + prev. / € 17.00 at the box office on the evening of the concert

Ticket link:


Friday 13 October 2017

Brescia, Latteria Molloy

Ticket: € 8.00

In the box office on the evening of the concert.


Saturday 28 October 2017

Modena, MÁT - Vibra

Ticket € 5,00

In the box office on the evening of the concert; admission with ARCI membership card.



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