The warm atmosphere of Sean Hayes will open the evening of 15 November, when the American pop-jazz revelation will take the stage at Milan's Zoe Club Jolie Holland. Tickets are already available on the Ticketone website (click here for direct access to the page) and in the usual pre-sales outlets.

For those who know neither (you are justified, they are both emerging artists after all), here is a brief description:

Born in Houston, she lives in San Francisco, and has spent a few years touring the States with a group of circus performers. Red hair, blue eyes, everyone loves her. Nick Cave He apparently fell so much in love with her that when he first met her he only gave her a long kiss on the cheek, without saying anything. Tom Waits heard little Jolie's demo and immediately put her under contract on his label, Anti. Her album is called 'Escondida' and blues, folk, jazz and pop combine divinely. If you allow for musical 'crossovers', Jolie Holland is a fascinating cross between Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Norah Jones. If you want a taste of her music, this the link where to listen to it.

He is not the actor from Will&Grace, it's a case of homonymy..
San Francisco minstrelsy, David Byrne-esque vocals, his official bio only reads: 'Sean has plays ambient round music like old mountain tunes..........'. Stop. Perhaps this is also the meaning of his music, minimalist, essential. And for this reason magically intimist. Try it to believe it. Internet reference by clicking here.