The new season of WE WILL ROCK YOU will also touch down in ROME

On 11 April 2019, in the prestigious Teatro Regio di Parma, in front of a passionate and happy audience, the first theatre season of We Will Rock You, the show with the songs of Queen. After a tour that was a great success with both the public and critics, and which recorded approx. 65,000 paying spectators at 56 replies which reached major Italian cities from north to south, Barley Arts announces a second theatre season, directed by Michaela Berlini and under the artistic direction of Valentina Ferrari, which will start in November 2019 and will continue throughout 2020.

These are the first cities announced: Senigallia (31 October and 1 November, Teatro La Fenice), Naples (5 November, Teatro Augusteo), Bari (8 November, Teatro Team), Genoa (12 and 13 November, Teatro Politeama), Parma (21 November, Teatro Regio), Padua (30 November, Teatro Geox), Lugano (10 and 11 December, LAC Lugano), Brescia (14 December, Teatro Morato), Sanremo (21 December, Teatro Ariston), Varese (10 January 2020, Teatro Apollonio), Legnano (17 January, Teatro Galleria), Turin (24 and 25 January, Teatro Colosseo), Rome (28 January to 2 February, Teatro Brancaccio), Florence (7 to 9 February, Teatro Verdi), Cosenza (12 February, Teatro Rendano), Catania (14 February, Teatro Metropolitan), Ascoli Piceno (18 and 19 February, Teatro Ventidio Basso), Vicenza (4 and 5 March, Teatro Comunale) and Milan (12 to 15, 18 to 22 March, Teatro Ciak).

The original play was written and produced by Ben Elton, in collaboration with Roger Taylor e Brian May. The music and songs are the original ones, sung in English and performed strictly live by an exceptional band formed for the occasion.

The careful revision and implementation of the original text, translated by Raffaella Rolla, by Director Michaela Berlini, Artistic Director Valentina Ferrari and Producer Claudio Trotta have given the show reasons for popularity and interest on the part of an extremely transgenerational audience, enhancing the content and highlighting the topicality of topics such as bullying, education, global warming, cultural homologation and the oppressive daily presence of the web in everyone's life. For this new season of the musical, the dynamic and modern choreography of Gail Richardsonthe scenic apparatus of Colin Mayesthe musical direction of Riccardo Di Paola and the valuable vocal direction of Antonio Torella.

"The vicissitudes of Galileo and Scaramouche have thrilled to the rhythm of Rock audiences of young and old who have shared with the protagonists, amid emotions and laughter, the tale of a Hope. These two bullied and marginalised boys live on a planet Earth completely dehydrated and reduced to a large shopping centre. In this place devoid of colour, the dictatorship of Globalsoft is in force, which has erased historical memory, banned live music, considered a great danger as a means of expression and communication, and created a controlled and well-programmed system where everyone is homologated and paradoxically extremely individualistic. Anyone who steps outside the imposed pattern and expresses diversity of thought is punished with brain death. Globalsoft is very careful to impart an education from an early age that teaches young people nothing but values that can serve the maintenance of their own power. Children grow up without cultivating their own interests, without curiosity and without developing their own critical spirit. They aspire to become what power has in mind for them. They do not ask themselves questions. In such an aseptic landscape Galileo and Scaramouche are two unusual personalities, they are two young souls to be isolated because their way of being is a dangerous threat to the System.

The two boys are angry young men who hunger for truth and true emotions and the world they live in is a cage for them. Despite themselves, they are forced to fight against a predetermined future that they feel does not belong to them. 'We Will Rock You' brings to the stage the redeeming power of Rock and Roll, of sharing and the right to express oneself. These two young rebellious souls together with the Bohemians, marginalised kids like themselves, support each other in the search for Knowledge, the only one that can give them the way to free themselves by granting them the right to dream and the possibility to choose how to be in the world. It was thrilling to witness the catharsis of the audience, who every night allowed themselves to dream, letting their Rock spirit pervade them. After all, it is true that Rock 'is everything we want it to be' and each of us has our own rock to live.

I think it is quite explicit that the story we are telling hides between the lines that the Beauty of this journey called life is the personal quest that then flows into the collective one and that the real fun is in learning and then sharing, because let's face it, we are getting nowhere alone. Galileo Scaramouche and The Bohemians share their research with the audience and remind us that 'the Future is Not Written, the Future Depends On All of Us'.". Thus Claudio Trotta had emphasised at the conclusion of the first season of the show in which he starred as a producer.

Next Wednesday 26 June, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., will take place in Milan auditions at Spazio Lambrate, Viale delle Rimembranze di Lambrate, 16. We are looking for male dancers with good singing skills and a strong stage presence (stage age 20/30 years), candidates of any ethnicity are welcome. For more information please visit the official Facebook page of We Will Rock You - Italy 2018-20.






Senigallia (31 October and 1 November, La Fenice Theatre)

Naples (5 November, Augusteo Theatre)

Bari (8 November, Team Theatre)

Genoa (12 and 13 November, Politeama Theatre)

Parma (21 November, Teatro Regio)

Padua (30 November, Geox Theatre)

Lugano (10 and 11 December, LAC Lugano)

Brescia (14 December, Teatro Morato)

Sanremo (21 December, Ariston Theatre)

Varese (10 January 2020, Teatro Apollonio)

Legnano (17 January, Teatro Galleria)

Turin (24 and 25 January, Teatro Colosseo)

Rome (28 January to 2 February, Brancaccio Theatre)

Florence (7 to 9 February, Teatro Verdi)

Cosenza (12 February, Teatro Rendano)

Catania (14 February, Metropolitan Theatre)

Ascoli Piceno (18 and 19 February, Ventidio Basso Theatre)

Vicenza (4 and 5 March, Municipal Theatre)

Milan (12 to 15, 18 to 22 March, Ciak Theatre)



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