I Clannad tornano sul palco. Saranno tre le date in Italia: 18, 19 e 20 Febbraio a Firenze, Rimini e Brescia.
Con una carriera che si sviluppa ormai attraverso quattro decadi, i Clannad sono riusciti a trovare negli anni la formula magica per unire la tradizione alla musica moderna, il passato con il futuro. La pozione fatta di voci celestiali e di canzoni che arrivano direttamente all’anima, ha portato la formazione irlandese a vendere oltre quindici milioni di copie in tutto il Mondo.
In addition, Clannad have won several awards, including Billboard's coveted 'World Song of the Year' award in 1992 and a Grammy for best new age album in '99. At home in Ireland, they already have two lifetime achievement awards.

This extraordinarily successful worldwide band is, and remains, 'family-run', firmly rooted in their traditions on the north coast of Ireland. Enya, sister of the other members of Clannad, played keyboards on their first two albums before embarking on her equally successful solo career.
"Theme from Harry's game" was their first hit, topping the European charts and becoming the soundtrack for a Volkswagen commercial in the US.
Clannad's highlights also include the soundtrack for 'Robin of Sherwood', a very successful American TV series, as well as for films such as 'The Last of the Mohicans' or 'Patriot Games'.
In addition, many international stars have collaborated with them, such as in the song 'In a Lifetime' where they duet with Bono Vox of U2.
The contribution that Clannad have made to Irish Celtic music is such that the very first definition of this musical genre, as rediscovered in the last thirty years, was 'Clannad Music'.

Here are the details of the three Italian dates:

Lunedì 18.02.13 – Firenze, Obihall
Primo settore € 28,00 + d.p. – Secondo settore € 23,00 + d.p. – Terzo settore € 18,00 + d.p.
Martedì 19.02.13 – Rimini, Teatro Novelli – Platea € 30,00 + d.p. – Galleria € 25,00 + d.p.
Mercoledì 20.02.13 – Rezzato (BS), Teatro CTM Posto unico a sedere: € 28,00 + d.p. in prevendita – € 30,00 alla porta