First time in Italy for the BIOMECHANICALbut already the local metal audience is ready and enthusiastic to welcome them. On Thursday 16 March, at Bari, a completely SOLD-OUT North Wind saw the first of the four concerts held by the band on its tour of the peninsula. Atmosphere warmed up by the talented Warchild and worthily brought to a climax by the English quintet.
RomeThe following day saw an excellent turnout in the small Traffic venue, with Grimness and Sudden Death opening the dances. It is however Turin It was the metal-corers Sickhead who deserved the prize for the best show, with the large group of spectators coming from all over northern Italy: metal-corers Sickhead opened the show, and closely followed by Biomechanical, who held the stage for a good hour and a half, enrapturing the crowd and unleashing a healthy pogo and headbanging. The Judas Priest influences of Jon K, the singer, are clear, but there are also excellent references to Slayer and Pantera, supported by a fine rhythm section (Matt C on drums, Jon Collins on bass) and killer guitar riffs (masterfully performed by guitarists Chris Webb and Jamie Hunt). NaplesFor being a rainy Sunday evening, it was packed and welcoming, also thanks to Stamina and Marshall, the latter historical heroes of Neapolitan and local metal, who supported Biomechanical's last date. The audience response was excellent, as was the overall verdict on what is probably one of the best new names on the British and international metal scene.

This is the set list performed on the first Italian tour:

1) Enemy Within *
2) The Empires of the Worlds *
3) Do you Know me **
4) The Awakening **
5) Existenz *
6) In The Core of Darkness **
7) Painkiller (Judas Priest)
8) Regenerated *
9) Relinguished Destiny *
10) DNA Metastasis *
11) Survival *
12) Assaulter *
13) The Imperial March ('Star Wars' theme by John Williams)
14) Raining Blood (Slayer)

BIS (only in Turin)
15) Do you Know me **
15) Creeping Death (Metallica)

* from the latest album 'The Empires Of The Worlds' (Earache / Self)
** from the debut album 'Eight Moons' (Elitist Rec.)

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Pictured is guitarist Chris Webb grappling with the noodles