It will stop in Milan Tyler Wardthe web's most popular young singer and musician, the 17 March 2012 at the Salumeria della Musica.

The young artist from Colorado is one of the best known faces in pop and teen music in recent years who has achieved success thanks to the web. Tyler Ward has a global presence on the main web channels: from Twittera My Spacefrom ITunes (where you can buy some of his cover and unreleased albums) at YouTube(channel to which 825.000 people), the young singer exploded into unparalleled success by self-producing and releasing the music videos of his most famous songs (remember 'The Rescue', 'Paper Heart' or 'Falling'...).

He gave up football and the United States AirForce Academy to accept a scholarship to the University of Northern Colorado and pursue his dream: writing songs.

He achieved his first successes by performing alongside the likes of The Jonas Brothers, Gavin DeGraw, Augustana e Ryan Cabrera. But it is playing with the The Frayin front of thousands of people, which ignited in him the love and passion that would bind him to music forever. In 2007 he met the musicians Drew Bartels, Josh Corbett, Joel Burns e Jesse Howarde and with them form the Tyler Ward Band. In February 2010, in anticipation of the Winter Olympics, he recorded his own reinterpretation of '.We are the world"In the first week alone, the video counts over 1.5 million views! The popularity he achieved on the web also made him known to top record labels and Tyler, between covers and unreleased tracks, entered (as the first independent musician) the Billboard's SOCIAL 50 (14° position for well 38 weeks).

In 2011 he founded the Tyler Ward Records and set up a recording studio (Tyler Ward Studios) to give other young aspiring artists the chance to make their way and be heard around the world through web advertising. Having just completed a long tour of North America, Tyler Ward is ready to hit the road again with theEuropean Tour 2012 which will also take him to Italy, to March 2012, to the Music Salumeria.

Tickets for the concert, organised by Barley Artswill be on sale on the website and related outlets.