Good news for moe.rons, the nickname under which the moe. are affectionately known as their following. The historic American jam band, after its first triumphant appearance in Italy at the Salumeria della Musica in Milan in March 2012, returns to our country to once again enchant audiences with his long and enthralling improvised rock sessions. I moe. will be 3 April 2014 at the Cineteatro Parrocchiale in Cologne (BS). 

The line-up, born in Buffalo (NY) in 1989, came to the attention of critics and audiences as one of the most successful progressive rock bands thanks to their 1992 debut 'Fatboy". After two decades of activity, more than ten studio albums and as many live albums, and participation in numerous festivals alongside the likes of Allman Brothers, The Who e Robert Plant, i moe. can rightly boast the title of '.legendary jam band"awarded by the magazine Rolling Stone.

What keeps the band from Al Schnier e Chuck Garvey (vocals and guitar), Rob Derhak (bass and vocals), Jim Loughlin (percussion), and Vinnie Friend (drums) at centre stage is the energy and vitality of their music and compositional style. The interplay between the different musicians is at its best thanks to the hypnotic interplay between the guitars of Al and Chuck, the mastery and effectiveness of Rob and Vinnie on the rhythm section and the brilliant technique of Jim on percussion. In the words of the guitarist Al Schnierthe music of moe. is 'an amalgamation of a wide variety of rock history, reworked through new hands, ears and eyes, with a spirit of adventure, sense of humour, and a constant desire to push one's own limits'.

I moe. will offer a set balanced between tracks from their latest studio work, 'What Happened to the LA LA's" (2012), more song-form oriented, and the workhorses of their career, which give way to a more free form between psychedelic rides that evoke the spirit of Grateful Dead by Jerry Garciajazz digressions and funky forays, delving more and more into a territory where there are no boundaries between genres. It is on stage that the undisputed value of a band that has made the live dimension its raison d'être is fully expressed: testimony to this are their appearances at the world's biggest festivals, from Woodstock '99 at Loolapaloozaheadlining performances at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on New Year's Eve for two consecutive years (2006 and 2007), to festivals organised by the band itself such as Summer Camp, Snoe.down e Moe.Down.


Thursday 03 April 2014 

Cologne (BS), Cineteatro Parrocchiale - Tickets 30 € single seat

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