MR. CARMACK in November at Biko in Milan for a unique show

MR CARMACK finally arrives in Italy for a unique show Friday 2 November at Biko in Milan. Tickets will be available on the official circuit Vivaticket from 6 p.m. on Thursday 5 July; be wary of unofficial sales channels.

"Make music like no one's listening' is Aaron Carmack's motto. His story is in three parts, divided into past, present and future: each element of the past has had an effect on who he is today, on his present as an author, producer and DJ. Mr. Carmack's music is thus an expression and reflection of the experiences he has lived, taking inspiration from everyday life, his friends, colleagues, travels and tours.

As a hinge between dance music and hip hop, Mr. Carmack always places himself in border territory between the two genres, an area that is simply referred to as "Carmack" by his fans. The artist has a considerable amount of music in the pipeline in the coming months, all while continuing to perform as much as possible. Stay tuned.



The Original Sound Tour


Friday 2 November 2018

Milan, Arci Biko - via Ettore Ponti, 40

Ticket: € 15,00 + prev.

Admission only for ARCI card holders.

Access allowed only to ARCI card holders


Tickets available on the official circuit Vivaticket from 6 p.m. on Thursday 5 July. Be wary of unofficial sales channels.