The '10 Giorni Suonati' festival, held at the Vigevano Castle, hosts a special event tomorrow 30 Junethe final of the QN Music Contest organised by the Giorno, Nazione and Carlino newspapers, bringing the twelve finalist groups and performers on stage for the last challenge. In addition to them, the stars of the free admission evening, two exclusive guests will also take the stage:Niccolò Agliardi, also a member of the jury, who, accompanied by his band, presents the songs of "Not worth everything", and theRiowith the previewunpluggedof the new album 'Mediterranean“. 
PresentVera Spadini, SkySportTg24 journalist, but above all vocalist of rock bands in the Milan area. The Music Contest selected the winners from all the local editions of the three newspapers, voted on the web, from 50 semi-finalists to three finalists per newspaper, always voted on by the public and fans. In addition to these 9, there were 3 finalists selected by the president of the jury and music criticMarco Mangiarotti. The jury composed ofCaterina Caselli, Enrico Ruggeri, Brando, Dado Parisini, Niccolò Agliardi, Federica Camba, Pierfrancesco Pacoda, Letizia Cini, Andrea Brusavoted the winner in recent days. The genre spectrum of the finalists was wide: from the melodic 'Dolce follia', byMichela Santo, a performer with a strong voice, with experience at Castrocaro and Mei, to the pop rock of the FlorentineSoonwith 'Fragile Memory' and the AretinesBiondareefwith 'Spiral of Words' to the more assertive rock of the Sienese10 FMwith 'Fake Truth'. Two ironic rap proposals: the UrbinoAlberto Pioppo, who has already had major experiences at Premio Mia Martini, Sanremo selections, Mogol's Cet, sings 'Lo spaesato', while the Milanese duo ofGalli Masterpresents 'Wild but Wise'. The 'pop art' area, or pop d'auteur. is represented by a group from Calabria that gravitates to Milan,Crystalline Concentric Spheresimportant curriculum, video and creative song, entitled 'Don't Kill John Lennon', and byJimmygianmario Mazzola, former singer and keyboardist of Disciplina Plastica, on tour with Milva, who sings 'Nulla cambia' here. For the rock section, the following were chosenOverblazefrom Foligno with 'Ogni attimo', a good mix of guitar and the interesting voice of Carlo Alberto Cottoni. With them theFive Dirty Flowersfrom Civitanova Marche, excellent 'shot', Italian lyrics for their 'Dune' and good guitar work. IJust PeanutsThey come from Milan's 'Chinatown', play in contests and clubs, sing 'Rock'n'roll Liar' in English. From VareseThe Invisible Cities, Brit school and an eye on Manhattan for the interesting 'The Sun Will Come Back'. All the songs on offer are unreleased (never released on iTunes), and the groups and performers were judged through the videos submitted to the Music Contest, some of which were produced, others simply live. At the Castle, the Isola del Gusto (Island of Taste) will surround the evening, starting at 7 p.m., with stands and tastings of Slow Food presidia, biodynamic and zero-kilometre farms, craft beers and selections from all over Italy of low-sulphite organic wines. An evening in the open air, with great music, pure enjoyment!