Hanson, the former child prodigies, now enviable musicians, have a few days ago announced a world tour that, after having sold out in the UK, will land in Europe and Latin America. The Hansons will be in Italy for a single date on 20 November 2011 at Magazzini Generali.
Isaac, Taylor and Zachary HansonBorn and raised in Oklahoma, they started composing songs as children, have more than a hundred to their credit since 1992, and despite their young age also work very hard live. Their singles 'MmmBop' and 'Where's The Love', taken from their 1997 debut album 'Middle of Nowhere', were so successful that Hanson Day was established that same year. Since then, the Hanson brothers have grown and with them the accolades they have won, most notably the award for Best Emerging Artist and Best Song of the Year at the 40th Grammy Awards. In 2006, the release of the song 'Great Divide' on the occasion of World AIDS Day earned the three brothers even more acclaim, including from specialist critics. Their latest album 'Shout It Out', which gives its name to their upcoming tour, was released in June 2010 in the USA and has so far never been released in Europe. During their period of international fame, the band has never played any concerts in Italy. 2004 is in fact the year of their first real show in our country at the Zoe Club in Milan, where they sell out. The following year they were in Milan again, this time at the Rolling Stone. So much time spent away from the stage often makes us forget that Hanson are still a very young band, with so much still to say and to prove. "Shout It Out" is proof of this: influences of soul, funk, R&B are mixed with deep, romantic ballads. The creativity and genuine talent of the three brothers most desired by the teenage girls of the nineties will stop in Milan this autumn to make the hearts of today's and yesterday's teenagers beat again.

Here are the details of the tour's only Italian date:
SUNDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2011 - MILAN - MAGAZZINI GENERALI (Single seat Euro 22.00 + prev.)

Tickets available at and later at the usual points of sale.