New date in Busto Arsizio for THE SPLEEN ORCHESTRA tour

Building on last night's success in Cosenza, the tour of The Spleen Orchestra continues this evening at Industrie in Catania and in the meantime is being enriched with more and more new dates:


Wednesday 13 December - Catania, Industries

Friday 15 December - Napoli, Hart

Monday 25 December - Trezzo sull'Adda (MI), Live Club (in collaboration with All Areas Concerti)

Saturday 6 January - San Donà di Piave (VE), Revolver Music Hall

Saturday 17 February - Busto Arsizio (VA), Social Theatre NEW DATE


"A freak circus based on Tim Burtonesque imagery. Gothic fairy-tale atmospheres and songs from Tim Burton's most famous films performed live".

The Spleen Orchestra is a musical-theatre project that pays homage to the poetic imagery of director Tim Burton in its own language. Tricks, costumes, sets, projections and special effects for a crazy journey, on the notes of the extraordinary soundtrack author Danny Elfman.

The Spleen Orchestra was born in December 2009, when Silvano Spleen, a pianist-composer with an immense passion for the American film director, was asked to organise an evening tribute to Tim Burton in a small club in Brianza. An extraordinary occasion. The gothic atmospheres, the freak universe, the mixture of melancholy and sweetness of the composer Danny Elfman belong to Silvano Spleen's world. Thus began the recruitment of characters in line with the originality of the project that is emerging; old members of the musical underground, but also artists, artisans acrobats and poets.

The idea is to tell the story of the famous director through his own musical and scenic language while maintaining the poetic spirit of the films intact. The idea is to tell the story of the famous director through his own musical and scenic language, while keeping the poetic spirit of the films intact. The aim is to re-propose, with an "indie" slant, the extremely rich and complex musical and visual imagery for a real journey through Tim Burton's films.

Thus the first embryonic project of the Spleen Orchestra - Tim Burton Show.

Each show is an opportunity to test, change and improve, but also to become aware of the extraordinary potential of the project and its absolute uniqueness. The transversality of the idea allows the Spleen Orchestra to perform on stages in the most diverse environments and to create an extraordinary involvement of the audience, which participates in the show often dressing up in theme.