TEss opening act for RACHEL SERMANNI's Roman concert

Rachel Sermanni returns to Italy with his charming folk sound Saturday 14 October in Rome at the Teatro Parioliwithin the framework of the Parioli Sounds. The opening act of the concert is TEss, a singer-songwriter from the USA but resident in Rome for many years. Tickets for the concert are on sale at official circuit Ticketone. Be wary of unofficial sales channels.

With folk music in her blood, Rachel Sermanni, class of '91, is a singer-songwriter, musician and artist of great depth, capable of transmitting a pure and mystical aura to her listeners. In 2011, she released her first EP, The Bothy Sessions, recorded with a group of friends in a completely spontaneous and profound way in a forest. The real record debut, however, came in 2012, when Sermanni released her Under Mountaiss, produced by Ian Grimble and recorded in the beautiful Watercolour Studios, nestled in the West Higlands. Under Mountains is Rachel Sermanni's first real musical contribution to the world and the first time the world really embraced the singer-songwriter's music. Four years of non-stop touring allowed her to find the right inspirations to create new music and record new sessions, live and in the studio.

In March 2014, immersed in the ramparts of Nova Scotia, Rachel sowed the seeds of a new reaction: Tied to the Moon is her second album, released in 2015 to wide critical acclaim: listening to this CD is like taking a walk cuddled by the gentle moonlight. Rachel Sermanni's creativity is the result of intense collaborations and synergies with friends, family and teachers, who have supported her throughout her journey with advice and observations. For Sermanni, creativity is happiness.

She grew up between the woods of New Hampshire and the skyscrapers of Manhattan, but has lived in Rome for years, TEss she left Wall Street, where she was working, and found herself in music and Italian landscapes. Her self-produced debut album, 'Soul Whisperer', garnered positive reviews from numerous publications and was made in collaboration with young Italian musicians such as Trio Improvviso, in search of an original sound based on natural instruments and an extremely limited use of electronics. In 2016, she released her first international tour 'Soul Voyager', which took her playing and collaborating with musicians, designers and visual artists in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, the United States, Canada and Italy. TEss' ethereal voice and her unique way of accompanying herself on acoustic guitar captivate listeners, taking them into her fascinating, somewhat eccentric and enchanting world.







Saturday 14 October 2017

Rome, 'Parioli Sounds' c/o Teatro Parioli - via Giosuè Borsi, 20

Ticket: € 10 + prev.