The DVD of the talented guitarist will be released in early June Paul Gilbert which reprises the album of the same name already released in 2006. It is a hybrid of more than two hours of demonstrations of his personal guitar style and spectacular live performances, including all the tracks from "Get out of my yard"first totally instrumental record.
Gilbert has released several solo albums, 'Space ship live', he presented himself with a look inspired by space pioneers, impressing many of his fans. Established over the years as one of the world's greatest guitarists, and having founded the first guitar band of the 1980s, the Racer X, Gilbert knows how to be both melodic and powerful, with the ability to mix impossible virtuosity with an attention to writing and a strong love of rock.
With this DVD one finds a strong dose of fun worthy of the most classic live hard rock, and at the same time spectacular guitar talent.

The artist will be in concert on 10 May in Cortemaggiore (PC), 12 May in Cermenate (CO) and 11 May at the Stazione della Birra in Rome.