Third single from the cover album 'Studio 150" by Paul Weller. The former Jam's version of 'Thinking Of You' by the Sister Sledge will arrive in shops next month. The CD will contain two more cover versions: one of 'Don't Go To Strangers' by Joni Mitchell and 'Needles And Pins' by Sony Bono and Jack Nitzche made famous by The Searchers.

A DVD format with live versions of 'Thinking Of You' and 'Early Morning Rain' and the Beta Band's remix of 'Wishing On A Star' will also be available.

From a point of view livePaul Weller is prodigious in his energy.
From 6 November, the former Jam will be on a UK tour, after touring Japan this summer and holding three dates in the prestigious Royal Halbert Hall of London.
In Italy? Boh.

Pictured: English taxi driver (and family) devoted to Paul Weller.