In 2005, the progressive trio came to Italy for the first time after a 30-year career. The production, which has always been a strong point of their concerts, left the 7,000 fans in attendance speechless. RUSH are coming to our country today, 23 October, for one date only, at the DatchForum Milan.
They will bring to Italy a set design with a strong visual impact, with a special use of Laser Effects that will project suggestive images over the entire Arena, creating an innovative three-dimensional effect for rock concerts.
The trio also announces well over three hours of entertainment, during which they will retrace the milestones of their monumental career.
RushTwenty-six albums since 1974, thirty million copies sold worldwide, a unique sound that has been imitated many times over, and the latest masterpiece, released on 1 May this year, entitled Snakes and Arrows.
The Toronto-based band still consists of the original three members, a rare example of longevity and togetherness within the rock scene: Geddy Lee (vocals, bass), Alex Lifeson (guitar) and Neil Peart (drums) In June they embarked on the umpteenth tour of their career, which started with 46 dates in the United States, then landed in Europe on 3 October, with the first dates in the UK, including two concerts at the renowned Wembley Arena. They will arrive in Milan on 23 October after having been in Germany and Holland.
Their career began in the early 1970s. The band's recording debut was in 1974 with the eponymous album. The first real masterpiece came in 1976 with '2112', a fundamental album in the history of hard rock, a record whose notes heavily influenced the prog-metal of the early 90s, a movement that saw Dream Theater as its most famous exponents. Other milestones by Rush arrived at the beginning of the '80s: 'Permanent Waves' and 'Moving Pictures' are works of absolute value, which allowed the band to conquer numerous platinum records, projecting the three Canadians into the elite of world rock. Their discography also includes live albums, each released at the end of a creative phase of their career, from the first 'All the world's a stage' to the most recent 'Rush in Rio', recorded during the band's last tour celebrating their thirtieth anniversary.

Tickets still available tonight from 7pm at the DutchForum box office