The history of Italian progressive music with two fundamental live bands, Le Orme and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso!

On the same day, the national preview of the 'Progressivamente Roma Rock 70' photo exhibition

The cultural and social identity of the 1970s passes through the progressive movement, which made the Italian music scene one of the most flourishing in the world during that decade. Two of the most important representatives of that panorama will play on 16 September on the stage of Demo-Suona 2011, the music event that is part of the Festa Democratica at the Palasharp in Milan: Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and Le Orme.
On the same evening, from 6 p.m., there will be the preview of the photo exhibition 'Progressivamente Roma Rock 70', collecting on 50×70 cm panels snapshots of concerts held in the capital by artists such as Genesis, Steve Winwood, Franco Battiato, Le Orme same and many more.
The Banco del Mutuo Soccorso is the best known Italian prog band abroad. Founded in 1969 by the brothers Gianni and Vittorio Nocenzi, they released their legendary, eponymous first album in 1972, which will also go down in history for its original cover in the shape of a piggy bank. The concept albums 'Darwin!', 'Io sono nato libero' and 'Canto di Primavera' went down in the history of Italian music. After several line-up changes and numerous publications - and a few years off - Banco reunited in 2002 to celebrate 30 years of recording activity with a concert in Rome, a live performance that was immortalised in the album 'No Palco'.
The FootstepsHaving written memorable pages of prog music and beyond, they recently reformed in April 2010, resuming concert activity at full speed.
In forty-five years of history, the Roman band has always been able to offer a particular sound and a constant search for melodies and sounds: albums such as 'Collage', 'Uomo di pezza', 'Felona e Sorona', 'Contrappunti' and many others, up to the latest 'La Via della Seta' represent milestones in rock history. Le Orme have graced the stages of major festivals (twice at the Sanremo Festival), both in Italy and abroad (especially in the USA and Mexico) and are still considered to be among the world pillars of music. progressive.

Here are the details of the date:
FRIDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2011 - MILAN - PALASHARP Entrance Euro 22.00 + prev.
Doors open at 18.00 - Concerts start at 21.00

Tickets available at , at the usual points of sale and at the ticket office located at the event venue.