Nomadi, one of the longest-running bands on the Italian scene, will be the protagonists of one of the evenings of Demo-Suona, a musical event that will enliven the Festa del PD from 1 to 19 September 2011. On Wednesday 6 September 2011, in fact, the "Nomadic People" will invade Milan's Palasharp to relive the classics that have made the band famous over the years and to listen for the first time to unreleased tracks from their new album.
"Cuore Vivo', released on 7 June, is Nomadi's latest album, but their first self-produced one. In fact, after years spent with a major, the band became 'nomadic' to all intents and purposes and chose the road of recording independence. 'An important decision,' reveals Beppe Carletti, the band's leader, 'that is giving us a new lease of life. It is a challenge full of stimuli. Inevitably all this will be reflected in our music and in all our activity'. The product of this new artistic life is the album 'Cuore Vivo', which, through eight repertoire tracks and two unreleased pieces, covers a decade of their career. The common thread linking Nomadi's past and present is a way of communicating always directly with the public, with the heart, the same heart that gives the album its title. In this genuine and never rhetorical way, the messages of the songs on 'Cuore Vivo' are each time topical and coherent, and with their intensity manage to provide a path of existence and living.
Founded in 1963 by Bebbe Carletti and Augusto Daolio, with the desire to express the feelings, thoughts and dissatisfactions of the young people of their generation, Nomadi have been an icon on the Italian music scene for a few decades now, capable of reconfirming themselves every year as the artists with the most concerts, with an average of no less than 90 shows a year and a million spectators. On 6 September, the audience at Demo-Suona 2011 will be enraptured by that familiar, reassuring and positive atmosphere that only Nomadi can recreate every time.
The current Nomadi line-up has been working together for thirteen years and consists of: Beppe Cerletti (keyboards), Daniele Campani (drums), Cico Falzone (guitars), Danilo Sacco (vocals and guitar), Massimo Vecchi (bass and vocals) and Sergio Reggioli (violin, percussion and vocals).                                 

Admission Euro 20,00 + prev. Doors open at 18.00, Concert starts at 21.30
Tickets available at the Palasharp box office