" I have reached an age that allows me to look at life with less anxiety and insecurity than I used to... But this does not mean that I rejoice when the professionalism and commitment of so many 'Italian' artists who, like me, have sacrificed a good part of their resources in order to defend the quality of their work, in the knowledge that every personal success can serve to keep our music healthy, to make us feel closer and more useful, is called into question.

I do not want to believe, therefore, that any of us do not care about the affairs of the world. Or that we do not feel ready, should the need arise, to make ourselves available for a just cause.

This time the 'emergency' passes through Rome. And so, my Roman heart, wants to demonstrate, once again, its availability. No controversy, except to emphasise the natural need to know in advance: times, terms and modalities regarding an event so noble and therefore worthy of the utmost attention. Those who are afraid of Sanremo, in this particular situation, can and must put their souls in peace... at the Circo Massimo there will be no losers, only 'winners'. And those winners, on the evening of 2 July, will be neither on stage nor in the audience, but in a remote area of our civilisation, where singing is an impossible dream, because silence, in certain desolate realities, takes on a value and meaning that should make us reflect on our future.

I will also be on that stage, so that my voice, united with all the others, may also serve to discourage, such obstinate suffering.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Bob Geldof for his constant and effective commitment to life. And for giving me the opportunity to feel part of this wonderful project

Renato Zero