He passed away at the age of 60. Syd Barrettone of the founders of the Pink Floyd. Barrett had long since retired from the stage and led his life in Cambridge, where he died, away from the flashes and the music business.
He had been unapproachable for 30 years. Only a few months ago, Damian Fletcher, a journalist from the 'Daily Mirror' tried unsuccessfully to interview him at his home. Pink Floyd dedicated their famous song to him. 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'.
The cause of death, which seems to have occurred two days ago, is still uncertain.

We have never had the good fortune to cross our professional destiny with the graces and love of this great musician, nor to organise a concert with Pink Floyd and/or any of the band members, but we like to think that we are also little 'crazy diamonds' on a daily basis... thanks Syd. Claudio Trotta