SOVIET SOVIET, two new dates before European tour

First new autumn confirmations for theEndless Tour of the Pesaresi Sovietswho are preparing for their last Italian dates before leaving for their European tour.

21.10 PARMA, Milk Party c/o Circolo ARCI Mu

17.11 SAN GIULIANO TERME (PI), Pontecorvo Depot

'Endless' is the result of a long process of experimentation and innovation linked to the trio's instinctive style of interpreting and playing music. The band explains: "The album started to take shape during soundchecks while we were on tour, as well as when we took a break from concerts. It is certainly a continuation of "Fairieswhich we could consider a starting point, since every adventure needs a point from which to start or to which to return in order to start again. This is exactly what we are looking for". 'Endless' is an intense story, marked by a certain purity and which speaks of the past. It is an experience of introspection and self-consciousness, a moment of reflection as well as a metamorphosis and a new beginning. It is a tunnel, an experience through which to improve oneself and one's surroundings. In many ways, it is more complex than the trio's previous works in terms of arrangements: "We tried to experiment with new sounds, but we stayed true to our musical vision. It is a complete album that should be listened to in its entirety. There are tracks that inspire reflection, but also more powerful ones, marked by distortion and a certain attention to the lyrics, which continue to be a fundamental element in our approach to composition.".