SOVIET SOVIET, last two summer tour dates in anticipation of new album

After performing as a headliner atINDIETIAMO Festival of Sassocorvaro (PU) and having toured the length and breadth of the peninsula throughout the summer, the Soviets announce the last two stages of the Nice - Summer, Jesus Tourin anticipation of the release of the long-awaited new album and in anticipation of the winter tour: Saturday 24 September 2016 will be at theIndiefest at the Manifatture Knos in Leccewhile Friday 7 October awill have the honour of opening the concert of Stuart Braithwaite (guitarist of Mogwai) at Kultural Music Expo (KME) of Cagliari.

I Soviets were born in 2008 on the Adriatic coast of Pesaro and are formed by Andrea Giometti (vocals and bass), Alessandro Costantini (guitar) and Alessandro Ferri (drums). They began to gain notoriety in 2009 with a handful of self-produced singles and a lengthy tour, which led to the release of the works Summer, Jesus e Nice and later the first studio album Faireleased on 11 November 2013 on the American label Felte.

Post-punk might be an easy adjective to attribute to Soviet Soviet's genre, but the band also tries to channel itself into horizons such as coldwave and art-punk, eschewing the strictest definitions in an attempt to create a sound that is both fresh and refined.