The Cure's new album, the first in four years, will simply be titled 'The Cure' and will arrive in shops at end of June. The UK line-up will present the first single from the album, entitled 'The End of the World', on the TV programme 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' on the NBC network this evening.
The album by Robert Smith and co. is produced by Ross Robinson for Geffen. "I think it's the best thing we've done so far," said a proud Smith . "The album is called 'The Cure'," explained the singer, standing in the corner of the room as some 40 journalists listened to the 14 tracks of the set.

The album starts with the slow "Lost", then continues with a typical Cure sound in "Before 3," "Taking Off" and "I Don´t Know What´s Going On". An extra breath of energy can be felt in the 12th track, tentatively titled "Jason 3", thanks to the presence of a chorus. Dark and very intense are the ten minutes of the penultimate song 'The Promise'.

Smith also revealed that the guitarist Porl Thompsonwho had left the Cure in 1993, recorded parts in a couple of songs.

Here is the track list not final of The Cure:

'Labyrinths' (working title)
'Before 3' (working title)
"Truth Goodness and Beauty
'The End of the World'
"I Don´t Know What´s Going On".
'Taking Off'
'This Morning'
'Us or Them'
'Precious Advise' (working title)
'Jason 3' (working title)
'The Promise'
'Going Nowhere'

Recall that the Cure will play on 20 June at the Area Italsider in Naples. What makes this occasion literally unmissable is the knowledge that the CURE concert will be a long feast for the fans, who are used to a show that not infrequently runs close to three hours.

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