Wild, colourful and somehow more joyful than any other European production"This is how the international press greeted "Mother Africa'the show celebrating the fifth year in Germany of the "Circus for all Senses"the 'circus of the senses', a breathtaking show of extraordinary acrobatics, with 40 performers on stage, live music, costumes, rhythm and colours of the African tradition. "Mother Africa"which will tour extensively in several European countries from December 2011, will be in Italy from 12 to 18 March 2012 with performances in the theatres of Gorizia (12), Bologna (13), Milan (14), Bergamo (15) and Trieste (18). In this renewed edition, the show is entirely built on the "Best of" the repertoire of this outstanding African circus ensemble, with the addition of new amazing performances.


The 'Circus of the Senses' impresses the audience with its great variety of acts and the apparent naturalness with which they are performed, despite their obvious complexity. What makes it truly extraordinary is the unique blend of elements from African tradition and the accents and spectacularity of modern circus. This is a show of amazing acrobatic acts, fast-paced live music and dance choreography full of the rhythm for which the African continent is known throughout the world. Between colourful, rich, imaginative costumes and moments of pure fun, everything in Mother Africa is authentic, genuine and vital.

More than forty performers, all from Africa, will take to the stage and enchant the audience with their evolutions and virtuosity for two hours: each of them is a complete artist, who can dance, sing and play at the same time. Each number is an exciting show in and of itself, but always in perfect harmony with the show concept. The artists come from different regions of Africa and therefore give the show a special contribution of tradition, but at the same time they are also a big family united on stage, committed to the sole purpose of transmitting to the public all the joyful passion of Mother Africa.


In this new celebratory production, all the top acts from the company's first four years are featured, including all the stars that the public adores, such as Mwangi Lazaraus Gituthe most 'flexible' man in the world,  and the surprising Ramadhani Brothers. Together with them, some of the best new discoveries of Winston Ruddlethe creator of Mother Africaformerly a street acrobatic artist, he went on to found theAcrobatics College in Dar El Salaam, a school of the highest level, which over the years has become a true institution, where he trains extraordinary young African talents, ready to enter his 'circus of the senses'.

As well as putting on a superlative two-hour show and making African culture known around the world, the ensemble of Mother Africa would like to leave an even deeper and more significant mark: in fact, a part of the tour's revenue is always donated by the production in favour of charitable projects that support their motherland, Africa.

The TOUR:                                                                                                              

Monday 12 March - Gorizia Municipal Theatre
Tuesday 13 March - Bologna Teatro delle Celebrazioni
Wednesday 14 March -
Milan Moon Theatre
Thursday 15 March - Bergamo Creberg Theatre
Saturday 17 March - Trieste Teatro Rossetti