The tour of Lord of the Dance the Celtic dance and music show, devised and staged by Michael Flatley which has been literally smashing the box office halfway around the world for years.

A great return, after the extraordinary Italian success of two years ago, for a show that manages to combine the charm of the Irish tradition - with its typical dance, ancient legends and folk music - and the grandeur of the musical, made up of amazing sets, sensual choreography and a production based on great numbers.

A large company of 38 dancers on stage, 6 musicians, 2 violinists and a tenor singer take turns on stage to represent the struggle between The Lord of Dance and the Forces of Evil.

What immediately strikes one in the show is the growing involvement of the audience in the frenzied rhythm of the dance, involvement to which the unusual beauty of all the dancers and the grandeur of the set design certainly contribute, entrusted to Mr and Mrs Park (the same people who have staged the tours of the biggest rock stars of the last decades, from the Rolling Stones to U2, via Elton John and Pink Floyd), assisted by lighting genius Patrick Woodroffe (Depeche Mode, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins).

MICHAEL FLATLEY, (who many have defined as the ideal fusion of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Rudolf Nureyev) a native of Chicago, but always spiritually linked to Ireland, after winning, the first American in history, the Irish World Dance Championship at only 16 years of age, having secured his feet for 25 million dollars and having left Riverdance, gave life in 1998 to an amazing dance show that revolutionised the canons of traditional dance and transferred classical art into a new dimension. In fact, LORD OF THE DANCE was born entirely from a project by Flatley, who, after only eight weeks of staging, put on a show destined to garner not only critical acclaim worldwide, but also a series of astounding numbers that would not only enter the Guinness Book of Records, but also the history of this entertainment genre.