WE WILL ROCK YOU, Italian tour in autumn

First dates unveiled by We Will Rock You, the show with the greatest hits of the Queen and among the most performed musicals in the world. After the great success in 2009 and 2010, the tour starts again in October for a new season in our country. These are the first cities announced: Bologna (7 to 9 December, EuropAuditorium), Montecatini Terme (22 December, Nuovo Teatro Verdi), Bergamo (19 January, Creberg Teatro Bergamo), Milan (31 January to 17 February, Teatro Ciak), Genoa (21 to 23 February, Politeama Genovese), Catanzaro (9 March, Teatro Politeama), Reggio Calabria (11 March, Teatro Cilea), Bari (16 and 17 March, Teatro Team), Florence (22 to 24 March, Teatro Verdi). The long tour schedule, with all the dates, will be announced when the seasons of the theatres that will host the show are announced.

This is not a repeat of the previous show but a brand new production specially conceived for our country by Claudio Trotta for Barley Arts. While retaining the story, characters and original music, which will be performed live, this is a new staging, careful to emphasise the political aspectcurrent and visionary the basis of the musical and completely revamped in every respect: from the Direction, entrusted to Lawrence Olivier Award nominee Tim Luscombe, to the Scenography conceived by Colin Mayesto the choreographies by Gail Richardson. Artistic Direction is entrusted to Valentina Ferrari, already confirmed in the role of 'Killer Queen', while Riccardo Di Paola is to Musical Direction and Cristina Trotta the executive producer.

The cast will also be totally renewed: auditions to select actors, musicians and dance troupe will begin in Milan on 16 May. Full details and information on how to apply are available at www.wewillrockyou-themusical.it.

Beyond8 million viewers, 2700 performance e 12 consecutive years of performances in Londonthese are the numbers of We Will Rock You, the musical that stages 24 of Queen's greatest hits and reflects the historic band's live performances. The show was produced by Ben Elton in collaboration with Roger Taylor e Brian May. The show debuted at the Dominion Theatre in London on 12 May 2002 and the success was so resounding that it entered the Top 10 of the longest-running shows in the history of the West End. The musical made its Italian debut on 4 December 2009 at the Allianz Theatre in Milan, and was also a great success in Italy. Declaring such a welcome was the choice, shared by Queen themselves, to keep the songs in English (except for two) and to translate and re-adapt only the dialogue.

For the new seasons, the artistic project will privilege discountinge contemporaneity of the story. A unique show of its kind that, with great foresight, hypothesised, in a dystopian future in which rock is banned and its followers forced into hiding, a society that is a victim of total globalisation and at the mercy of a multinational corporation that controls not only music but the lives of individuals.



Bologna (7 to 9 December, Europa Auditorium)

Montecatini (22 December, Verdi Theatre)

Bergamo (19 January, Palacreberg)

Milan (31 January to 17 February, Ciak Theatre)

Genoa (21-23 February, Politeama)

Catanzaro (9 March, Politeama Theatre)

Reggio Calabria (11 March, Teatro Cilea)

Bari (16 and 17 March, Team Theatre)

Florence (22-24 March, Teatro Verdi)