After topping the charts in 14 European countries simultaneously with their latest album 'Dark Passion Play'including Italy, the NIGHTWISH continue with their tour, which started more than a year ago in Europe and is currently underway in the United States. Before returning to Italy, the Scandinavian band will also be in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
L'European Passion Tour Last spring, it sold out on every stage, including the Italian one at Milan's Palalido, with 4,000 rabid fans pulverising the available tickets fifty days before the concert. Now the dates in our country will be two, and they come exactly one year after the 2008 stage: on 30 March, Anette and his companions will be at the Palabam in Mantua, and the following day at the Palasport in Pordenone.
In 2007, the band went through the most delicate phase of its career, after the split from the historic singer Tarja. The interlocutory moment was brilliantly overcome with the arrival of Anettewho was able to lead the Scandinavian band to a year to remember and to ever-increasing success.
The European dates in 2008 showed the great fellowship between the new singer and her bandmates: together with newcomer Anette, we find the three founding members Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards and main composer from the beginning to the present), Emppu Vuorinen (guitar), Jukka Nevalainen (drums) and Marco Hietala (bass and vocals)who joined the band in 2001, shortly before the band achieved great European success. The European Passion Tour was characterised by an ambitious and spectacular production, lighting effects that echoed the epicness of NIGHTWISH's music.
The breakthrough album for Nightwish was 'Century Child' of 2001, a work that marked their transition from underground band to European phenomenon, going platinum in Finland in just two weeks and achieving a rather curious record, that of scoring the largest gap between first and second place in the charts.
Their power metal became more and more symphonic as the years went by, becoming a benchmark for the European hard metal scene. 'Once' of 2004 is an even bigger success, propelling the band to the top of the German, Greek and Norwegian charts and recording excellent results in Italy as well.
The best-selling DVD 'End of an Era', with its explicit title, is the last testimony of the line-up with Tarja on vocals and immortalises the magic of the tour following the release of 'Once', a journey that lasted a year and a half, marked by an evocative production that consecrates the band as one of the best live acts around.

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