INCUBUS have announced their next European tour, which will also see them return to Italy, this time for two prestigious dates. The American band will be on 25 June at 'Rock in Roma' and on the 26th at '10 Giorni Suonati al Castello di Vigevano'.
After the confirmation of The Cure (9 July), here is another big name of international rock added to the Rock in Roma programme, while for the Vigevano festival, Incubus are the fourth big confirmation, after Lynyrd Skynyrd (13 June), Lenny Kravitz (19 July) and James Morrison (23 July).

Few bands know how to renew themselves album after album as well as Incubus, as evidenced by the latest 'If not now...when?', the sixth studio effort for Brandon Boyd and co. Since they started in 1991, these Californian boys have come a long way. Their debut album 'Enjoy Incubus', an ep released in 1997 by Immortal Records, the label that had just brought Korn to planetary success, was a pure concentrate of energy, perfected a few months later with the funky/crossover masterpiece 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E.', where Incubus distinguished themselves for their fresh sound, great technical skills and extraordinary compositional talents.
The subsequent 'Make Yourself' and 'Morning View' brought Incubus into contact with more accessible but still inspired sounds, consecrating their success worldwide.
The singles 'Drive' and 'Wish you were here' became international hits and Incubus moved from the status of an alternative band to that of an American rock trend setter. The video clip for 'Talk Shows on Mute', taken from the fourth album 'A Crow left of the murder', made history with its eerie scenery inspired by George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. "Light Grenades", a work released in 2006, is the prelude to the introspective turn of the latest "If not now... When?", a fascinating and persuasive album.
Incubus is formed by singer and founder Brandon Boyd, the undisputed charismatic leader of the line-up, the funambulist Mike Einziger, an imaginative and innovative guitarist, Ben Kenney, who took over in 2003 from previous bassist Dirk Lance, drummer and co-founder Jose Pasillas and Chris Killmore on cymbals.

Here are the details of the two Italian stages:
MONDAY 25 JUNE 2012 - Rock in Roma - Ippodromo Le Capannelle
Admission 36 euro + prev. - Doors open at 18:00 - Concert starts at 21:30.
Info on www.rockinroma.com
TUESDAY 26 JUNE 2012 - 10 Days of Music at Vigevano Castle
Admission 36 euro + prev. - Doors open at 18:00 - Concert starts at 21:00.
Tickets for the concert go on sale from 3 February on the Ticketone circuit and at the usual points of sale.