Two years after the last world tour, Lenny Kravitz returns to Italy with the new 'Love Revolution Tour'which started on 15 March from Calgary (Canada) and in Europe since 30 May when it debuted at the Rock In Rio Festival in Lisbon, then in Italy on 13 July at the Pistoia Blues Festival and on the 14th at the Arena Civica in Milan, as part of the Milano Jazzin' Festival programme.
And a particularly interesting special guest has just been confirmed for this second date, Martina Topley Bird, who will hold her only show in Italy this season at the Arena Civica. The London-based musician, a true star of British independent music since her early days with former partner Tricky, has just released her second album, The Blue God, produced by Brian Burton (the other half of Gnarls Barkley). As with the previous album Quixotic (2003), on which Tricky, Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan (Queens of The Stone Age) had collaborated, the primary characteristic of The Blue God is Martina Topley Bird's ability to create a classy melting pot of sound, which duly blends soul, electronics and the indispensable rock veins.
Straight to number 4 on the Billboard charts with the new album "It is time For A Love Revolution" and thus set a personal best, confirms himself as one of the most important rock musicians of our time: writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, he has released eight albums in eighteen years, each of which has won at least one platinum record.
His energetic and vital music transcends all differences of genre, style, ethnicity and social class; strongly influenced by the soul, rock and funk of the sixties and seventies, it is always in constant renewal: 'I'm a person who is always trying to experience new things, to constantly change my perspective',' Kravitz confesses. 'It's not a conscious choice, but I certainly don't like repeating myself. Once I've done something, it's over and I'm only interested in keeping going.'
This concert will in fact be an opportunity for his fans to hear his latest masterpiece, 'It Is Time for A Love Revolution', consisting of fourteen previously unreleased tracks, including the two singles 'Bring It On' and 'I'll Be Waiting'. The setlist will also include the hits that made him an absolute rock'n'roll star, such as Are you gonna go my way?, Always On The Run, Again, Fly Away, Dig In. The album marks a turn towards funk and more melodic rock, it is the fruit of a revolution of his soul, of an energy that has made him free in soul and spirit, marking a new beginning for Lenny Kravitz.

SUNDAY 13 JULY PISTOIA PIAZZA DUOMO PISTOIA BLUES FESTIVAL Admission: single seat €32, numbered grandstand seats: €42 + prev.

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