13/10/08: AMANDA PALMER:

Amanda Palmersinger and keyboardist of the American dark cabaret duo Dresden Dolls, presents his debut solo album in Milan, entitled 'Who killed Amanda Palmer'. He will be on stage at the Music Drome Friday 17 Octoberfollowing a long tour of the United States.
A creative and multifaceted character, Amanda was born in 1976 in Massachusetts (United States) and began playing and composing songs at the age of four, despite not being able to read sheet music, a shortcoming that would continue for the rest of her life but that did not preclude her career as a composer. After various musical experiences, on Halloween night 2000 she met Brian Viglionewith whom they founded the Dresden Dolls, a duo that calls their music 'Brechtian punk cabaret', due to influences from the circus, burlesque and rock genres. Brian and Amanda like to enrich their performances with theatrical skits in which they appear in make-up and mimic the movements of puppets and 'living statues', presenting different types of art simultaneously. The success of the Dresden Dolls exploded in 2004 following the release of the single 'Coin-operated boy' from the album 'Dresden Dolls' from the previous year. This was followed by a series of dates around the world and the pair's participation in various projects, including a musical a book. Palmer performed three sold-out American concerts in 2007 with the alternative rock band Aberdeen City and then with Estradasphere, who helped her with her long-standing idea of releasing a solo album. He thus entered the recording studio of the American singer-songwriter Ben Folds in Nashville, to make 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer', an expression borrowed from fans of the 'Twin Peaks' serial who used to say "Who Killed Laura Palmer", referring to the murder of one of the main characters. On the album we find Zoë Keating of Rasputina on the cello, which together with Jason Wibley, will also accompany Amanda during the concerts. The concert promises to be something completely original: from the atmospheric and theatrical production to the presence of actors on stage and extras in the audience, for an all-round show.
Amanda Palmer, although appearing for the first time in Italy without the drummer of the Dresden Dolls, will certainly not fail to amaze the audience with an engaging and eclectic performance, whose dark and mystical tones are already inherent, perhaps not by chance, in the date itself: FRIDAY 17 OCTOBER 2008 - MILAN - MUSIC DROME
Concert starts at 9 p.m.
Admission 18€ + prev