Yesterday was a date to be remembered in the history of blues and southern rock in Italy: WARREN HAYNES, leader of GOV'T MULE, took advantage of the band's only Italian date to interact and 'jam' with some of our musicians: this happened with his friend Fabio Treves and his trusty guitarist Alex in the Rock Tv studios (in the photo) and later with Nikki at Radio Deejay, where Warren duetted with the presenter, capturing the attention of all those present at the station.
After conquering the airwaves, at 9pm it was time to take the stage at Alcatraz: here they are, GO'T MULE, renewed in the line-up with the inclusion of Swedish bassist Jorgen Carlsson. Matt Abts sits behind the skins as usual, while Danny Louis tries his hand at keyboards and hammond organ. Of course on lead vocals and lead guitar is Warren Haynes, a piece of American southern culture history.
No less than three hours of set, interrupted by a short break, showing the immense class of a line-up at the forefront of the world music scene. Warren Haynes dedicates the first part of the concert to the latest album 'By a Thread', while during the second part he plays all the milestones in the history of Gov't Mule: there is no let-up, there is never anything predictable in a show that sees great rock/blues songs one after the other.
Here is the setlist:
Brighter days
Like flies
Game face
Birth of the mule
I think you know I mean
Blind man in the dark
When the leeve breaks
Steppin' lightly
Broke down on the brazos
Railroad boy
Monday morning meltdown
Have mercy on the criminal
Wandering child
Drum solo
Fallen down
Painted silver light