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Melody Gardot brings his voice and music to Italy next year. 28 March 2010, at Milan Conservatory. When, at the age of 19, she was run over by a car while cycling, few would have imagined that, in addition to her unquestionable talent, the American singer also had such extraordinary willpower, the same will that has enabled her to return to the stage with all her immense class.

The latest album, "My one and only thrill', jumped to the top of the charts halfway around the world, with particular success in France where it reached fifth position and in the UK, twelfth.

Singer, guitarist and pianist, Melody Gardot was born twenty-four years ago in Philadelphia, but her musical roots lie in New Jersey, where she still lives and where she has cultivated a great passion for jazz and folk, the two genres that recur most in her music.

Music has been her therapy, which she herself describes as 'miraculous', since after the terrible accident Melody had lost the use of speech. The same doctors who treated her have confirmed that music was crucial to her recovery.

Melody Gardot's tour will touch the whole world. She is currently in the United States and before the end of the year she will also arrive in Europe, in France, Holland and England, but Italian fans will have to wait until 28 March 2010 to be able to hear her in the setting of the Milan Conservatory, once again the venue for one of the most interesting appointments of the Milanese musical season.

Tickets on sale from 16 October 2009 on the TicketOne circuit and later in the usual sales outlets.


MELODY GARDOT                   

SUNDAY       28 MARCH       MILAN       CONSERVATORY c/o SALA VERDI                  

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