He will be back next 14 and 15 September in Italy the young American singer-songwriter, a true idol for the gay universe and a respected musician.
For Jay Brannanwho will play in Milan and Rome, a new album is also on the way, consisting of two unreleased tracks and seven yet-to-be-released covers.
Born in Texas but New Yorker by adoption, Jay Brannan is the new face of American songwriting. He performed for the first time in Italy last October to present his first album 'Goddamned' .
Jay Brannan is also known for his participation in 'Shortbus', a 2006 film by John Cameron Mitchell that caused a scandal as soon as it was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. On that occasion, he starred as Ceth, a former model and aspiring singer, and played one of his own songs in the film, 'Soda Shop'which later became part of the film's soundtrack. During these three years, Jay gave up filmmaking to devote himself entirely to music and the result is his debut album 'Goddamned', produced by Will Golden and released on 15 July 2008.
In spite of his young age - he was born in 1982 in Houston - Brannan has always shown courage and tenacity, first by accepting an uncomfortable film role as Ceth, after which he publicly came out as gay, and then by writing lyrics with explicit content, sparing no criticism of society. This is why he earned himself the cover of the British gay magazine AXM, gaining an even wider European audience, also in view of his physical attractiveness. Already from his very first single 'Housewife', his sources of inspiration are clear, which can be traced back to female singer-songwriters, from Ani DiFranco to Liz Phair, via Tori Amos and Fiona Apple.
Tour details:
Monday 14 September 2009 - Milan, La Casa 139
12 Euro + ARCI membership card
Tuesday 15 September 2009 - Rome, Circolo degli Artisti
Ticket: 8-10 Euro tbc