I Planet Funk are in the pre-production phase for the live show that marks the return in style on Italian and international stages with a series of live shows, which have already created great expectations. In order to meet them in the best possible way, the band got to work well in advance, but it seems that more days than expected will be needed to set up the big live machine in the right way.
This is why the debut, initially scheduled for 30 May in Marina di Camerota (NA), has now been postponed to 19 June at Villa Serra in Genoa.
Subsequent tour dates remain confirmed as per the previously announced schedule:
Friday 19 June 2009 - Genoa - Villa Serra
Sunday 21 June 2009 - Jesolo (VE) - Full Moon
Friday 3 July 2009 - Verona - Autan 4
Thursday, 16 July 2009 - Odessa (Ukraine) - ibiza Club
Saturday, 18 July 2009 - Saturn (Romania) - Liberty Parade
Friday 25 September 2009 - Bogotá (Colombia) - Theatron

Driven by the success of the single Lemonade which anticipated the release of their greatest hits, Planet Funk will be a major player in the Italian summer of music and beyond. The Neapolitan band will play several dates in Italy from 19 June onwards, as well as others outside Italy (Romania, Ukraine and Colombia have been confirmed so far): they will play live shows and DJ sets by Planet's historical members. Planet Funk achieved great success in 2002 with the album 'Non Zero Sumness', which contained the singles 'Chase The Sun', 'Inside All The People', 'The Switch' and 'Paraffin'. The success was crowned by the Italian Music Awards and the awarding of a gold disc for sales of the album, which was produced in two versions, one of which contains a track ('One Step Closer') made in collaboration with Simple Minds. The Planet Funk team was also called upon by other international bands to remix tracks from their repertoire. The album 'The Illogical Consequence' was preceded in 2005 by the single 'Stop Me', the soundtrack of the Coca Cola TV commercial. In autumn 2006, their third album, 'Static', was released. The band's most successful track is probably the single 'Who Said', sung by Dan Black, leader of The Servant, and featured on three of the greatest hits. Although the band exploded at the beginning of the millennium, it has a long history behind it, having been formed from the fusion of Souled Out (Alessandro Sommella, GiGi Canu and Sergio Della Monica), known in the early 90s in various parts of the world for the single 'Shine On', and Kamasutra, namely Marco Baroni and Alex Neri. Planet Funk was the title of a song created by Alex Neri himself. Previously, the trio Sommella, Canu and Della Monica had produced several tracks abroad, including 'Stuck On Love', sung by Dee Lewis, a major radio and dance floor hit in the 1980s. Early 2009 saw the release of the group's new single, 'Lemonade', which saw a return to the sound that had brought the group success and fame, namely the right mix of electronic and rock.