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A few days after the release of his new album 'The boy who knew too much', Mika, the international pop prodigy, also announces his next world tour, which will bring him to Italy for one concert only, organised by Barley Arts, on 21 April 2010.

There was a lot of expectation surrounding Mika after the overwhelming success of his debut album 'Life in Cartoon Motion' (released in 2007): over 5 million copies sold worldwide and 5 extracted singles, which in turn sold a total of 6 million units. These include the global hit 'Grace Kelly'the most played foreign song on Italian radio stations in 2007 and 'Relax Take it easy', in the same year the best-selling digital single in our country.Now with "The Boy Who Knew Too Much"released on 18 September on the Universal label and anticipated by the track 'We are Golden'Mika confirms his unique and original talent in contemporary music.
The single is a sizzling hit, capable of enchanting the listener and at the same time showcasing the artist's vocal extravagance. The album represents the maturation of an ambitious pop sound that Mika masters to perfection with vocals that ride the notes to unattainable falsettos, virtuosic piano playing, lively rhythms and explosive endings, exuberant storytelling, sensational technicolour pop production, and disruptive songs from the first listen. A mixture that fully reflects Mika's winning characteristic: individuality.
The Lebanese-born British singer offered a tasty preview of his new show last June at Milan's Franco Parenti: a theatrical version of a concert offered almost as a surprise to a few hundred fans from all over Europe, which further exposed Mika's enormous talent as a performer and his perfect understanding with his band, the same band that had already accompanied him on his three dates in Italy in 2007, in Milan, Turin and Bologna.
Now Mika is heralding a return to the stage as an accomplished pop star, and seeing him live will again be a real spectacle.
Tickets for the 21 April concert will be on sale from 2 October on the TicketOne circuit and later in the usual sales outlets.
WEDNESDAY 21 APRIL 2010 - MILAN - MEDIOLANUM FORUM Assago Start: 21.00 hours
Single seat parterre, 1st and 2nd ring non num: 30 € + prev - Tribuna Gold numbered 50 € + prev.