4/1/11: THE BEST OF 2010... IN OUR OPINION

Like last year, here are the rankings compiled by our staff, for your curiosity!


best album: Robert Plant 'Band Of Joy'
best Italian artist: Marta sui Tubi
best international artist: Bruce Springsteen
best concert: Archive @Vigevano Dieci Giorni Suonati / Gil Scott Heron also in Vigevano
best newcomer: Mumford And Sons
show: Walkin with dinosaurus

best album: Dropkick Murphy's 'Live on Lansdowne - Boston MA'.
best Italian artist: Calibro35
best international artist: Editors
best concert: Rammstein @ Novarock Festival, Banda Bassotti @ Cornaredo
best newcomer: Mumford & Sons
show: Walking with Dinosaurs
ELENA PANTERA (promotion):
Best album: 'The Suburbs' by Arcade Fire and 'Casa 69' by Negramaro
Best Italian artist: Ligabue
Best international artist: Lady Gaga
Best concert: Pearl Jam @ HJF - Stone Temple Pilots - Litfiba at the Forum 13 April
Best newcomer: A Toys Orchestra
Show of the year: We Will Rock You
best album: Manic Street Preachers 'Postcards from a young man'.
best Italian artist: Ministri
best international artist: Skunk Anansie, Manic Street Preachers, Archive
best concert: Archive @Vigevano 10 Days of Music
best rookie: Temper Trap
show of the year: American Idiot @Broadway, NY
MARIA DI TIZIO (promotion):

Best album: Wonderlustre - Skunk Anansie.

Best Italian artist: Carmen Consoli.

Best international artist: Muse.

Best concert: AC/DC Udine (pictured)

Best newcomer: Mengoni
LUCIANA PACIUCCI (ticket office):
Best album: Negramaro 'Casa 69'
Best Italian artist: Modà
Best international artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Best newcomer: Marco Mengoni
best album: Interpol
best Italian artist: Litfiba
best international artist: Muse
best concert: Einstürzende Neubauten 13/11 estragon bologna
best newcomer: The Last Shadow Puppets
show of the year: We will rock you

Best album: Wonderlustre - Skunk Anansie

Best Italian artist: Negramaro

Best international artist: AC/DC

Best concert: EELS Alcatraz, Milan

Best debutant: Nesli

Show of the year: Walking with Dinosaurs
best album: Niccolò Fabi 'Solo un uomo'
best Italian artist: Tiziani Ferro, Ligabue
best concert: Otto Ohm in Inveruno, Ligabue 18 September in Turin, Muse in Sansiro, Elio 27 February in Milan, AC/DC in Udine, Arte sui Tubi in Milan
best newcomer: Fabio Abate, Mengoni and Modà
show of the year: Io Doppio by Paolo Ruffini, Brignano Show, Fiorello Show
CLARA MULAS (secretary):

Best Album: Unkle - Where did the night fall
Best Italian Artist: Perturbazione
Best International Artist: Lady Gaga
Best concert: AC/DC in Udine
Best debutant: Plan de fuga
Show: Walking with dinosaurs