The thick fog that enveloped the whole of northern Italy last night did not prevent the The House 139 by Milan crowded for the concert of Imogen Heap. We had announced it as an evening full of dreamy atmospheres, and we were not mistaken: starting from the stage set up by the British artist herself, as usual adorned with flowers and colourful lights, there is a peculiar air.
At 10 p.m. take the stage Zoe Keating, an exceptional supporter (who will also take the stage later for a duet with Imogen herself), for thirty minutes of instrumental music, where the American artist plays everything from strings to didgaridoos.
At 11pm it is the turn of the queen of the evening. Imogen Heap gives life to a show centred on tracks from the latest album Speak for Yourselfexecuted in its entirety. To the two singles 'Headlock' e Hide & Seek' the task of closing the show. The setlist also includes songs from the period Frou Frou, a project with which the singer had enjoyed enormous success in Italy. On the stage IMOGEN was totally alone: with her a piano, a keyboard and a sampler for a concert that was anything but static, in which the artist gave excellent proof of her charisma and mysterious charm.

Photo Francesco Prandoni