The newsletter of the The Strokes announces that within the year the New York quintet will release a live albumafter the record releases of Is This It e Room on Fire. The recordings refer to the concert held at theAlexandra Palace by Londonlast December. On the same European tour, the Strokes also held an Italian concert sold out at the Palacisalfa in Rome.

The news doesn't end there: before the live album, the band will release the third single from their acclaimed second album Room on Fire, The end has no end, the end has no end. The group is currently in Los Angeles, recording the video directed by Sophie Muller (already working with Eurythmics, Sade, PJ Harvey, Sinead O'Connor, No Doubt and Jeff Buckley).

Curiosity: the protagonist of the video is Ryan Gentlesthe co-manager of the band. The other part of the management is entrusted to Juliet Joslinhappily 'married' to the singer of the group Julian Casablancas.

Everything in the family, in short.

The band's new album is expected (read: SHOULD be released) by the spring 2005and there is already talk of a radically different work from the past, although still entrusted to the trusted producer Gordon Raphael.

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