Amanda Palmer has decided to postpone her tour to be near a seriously ill friend. Consequently, the date scheduled for 6 March at Milan's Magnolia is also cancelled.
Amanda wrote a letter to her fans explaining the reasons for this choice:

dear comrades-
this is the hardest text i've ever had to send to this email list, because i'm usually brimming with awesome, exciting news.
this is not exciting news.
i have decided to postpone/cancel my upcoming tours so that i can stay in boston with my best friend anthony, who has cancer and is now in treatment with an uncertain outcome.
i just posted a long blog about the painful details HERE
please read it, so you can understand what's going on.
this is really hard to do.
new years eve ( at Terminal 5 in NYC is still happening.
(and the band is going to 'purple rain' the shit out of all y'all.)
please come, dressed to the nines, and please SING LOUDLY WITH US.
we need you.
after that, i don't know. i'm sticking close to home for the foreseeable future.
i am going to be a relatively stay-at-home rock star.
as for the kickstarter house'll hear from myself and eric (@southships) shortly about rescheduling those as well. I know you were all waiting so patiently for these. i should be able to deliver all of them within the projected time frame with no problem....i'm committed to making it work and hoping that you won't need to wait too long.
here is the nitty gritty info about tickets/refunds/etc:
at the moment- we are not certain when these shows will be rescheduled. i DO plan to make up the tour, hopefully within a year. if you wish to hold onto your ticket, it will be valid for the rescheduled show. but we understand you may want the refund as the future is vague. to obtain a refund please contact the outlet you purchased your tickets from directly. they will handle the refund for you. sadly, the ticketing outlets cannot refund the actual booking fee, only the face value cost of the ticket. i'm really sorry about that one, but it's just the way the business works and its out of our hands. i really wish there was more we could do there. thanks for all your understanding, and let's all pray for the future of ticketing to change. Pre-Sale Purchases
if you purchased your tickets through the Topspin presale via, your refund will occur automatically to the credit card you used for purchase. sadly we must refund all pre-sale tickets. the system won't allow us to let people hold on to their tickets. if you wish to attend the show when we reschedule- you will have to purchase a new ticket when we announce the tour.
i love you guys.
stay with me....
and hopefully see you all soon.