AS DECEMBER FALLS, a breath of indie pop rock from England in Milan on 11 November!

They are very young and recall the pop punk sounds of the early 2000s: the As December Falls, originally from Nottingham, land in Italy for a European tour date Friday 11 November 2022 at the Legend Club in Milan. I tickets are already available on Ticketone e Ticketmaster.

The As December Falls have spent the last five years being told they were doing everything wrong.

They were told that releasing their eponymous debut album in 2019 without a label would be a big mistake, and that they would have to work with live promoters to get a chance to get on stage for headlining shows. Convinced of their positions, the As December Falls have always refused to listen to these indications.

The band started with a common goal that endures to this day: to write good songs and go as far as possible. A kind of As December Falls vs The World. At all stages of their career, the band in its proud independence has proved those who tried to instil doubts in them wrong. The debut album allowed the band to sell out on 90% of their UK headlining tour shows. By early 2020 they were more at ease, confident and self-assured than ever.

The debut record really set something in motion for the band. 2021 gave them a chance to figure out exactly what kind of band they wanted to be. They agreed: 'Let's make this as big as possible'. Their second album Happier is another celebration of noisy rock & roll that sees the As December Falls ready to take the next step.

The plan was to release a second album during 2020, but the recordings were planned in the breaks of a hectic tour. When this was cancelled because of the covid, the band poured all its energies into Happier and the result is something very special. For the second record, they wanted something bigger, so after looking at various label offers, the As December Falls they did what they do best: they did it themselves.

Happier was released on their own label, and the line-up maintained full control over every aspect of their work. It sold out all 16 dates of theHappier tour and are preparing to take the rest of the year to the next step, with appearances at several major festivals.


EU Tour 2022


Friday 11 November 2022

Milan, Legend Club - viale Enrico Fermi, 98

Concerts start at 21:00

Tickets available on Ticketone e Ticketmaster.

Standing room only: € 12.00 + prev. / € 15.00 at the box office on the evening of the concert