BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND, from today you can book parking spaces for the Ferrara concert on 18 May!

It opens up the possibility of online booking parking spaces supplements for the concert of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, a Ferrara on 18 May. Parking spaces can be reserved on the platform Park for fun an experienced company in the development of software and computer systems for the management of car parks, parking lots, garages especially at large events.

The new parking areas planned to serve the public coming to the city from the north are currently available for booking: the car park at the Diamante centre, at Barco, with a capacity of 641 cars, and another area at the A13 exit toll booth with a capacity of 1812 cars. Parking spaces for motorbikes, in Via del Lavoro, and those for organised buses (more than one hundred are estimated) in Via Padova are also already active. Communications regarding the other parking areas for those reaching Ferrara from the south will follow. At full capacity, a total of 11 thousand new parking spaces (in addition to the municipal car parks managed by Ferrara Tua). In addition, a shuttle service continuous from the more peripheral parking areas towards the vicinity of the concert venue.

In the run-up to the 18 May event, the new Internet portal - dedicated to logistical and public information on the concert - is also available as of these hours. Portal that will be constantly updated and worked on, also with news on traffic, traffic, useful tips. Among other things, from the site you can access the expression of interest for participation in the Ferrara Springsteen village, the first reception area for those arriving by train (and not only) located at Marco Coletta Park. Private individuals and activities in the area will be able to apply for the management of the planned refreshment points - which will also be provided near Bassani Park and inside the concert area. In the same area at the foot of the skyscraper (and in other areas of the city) there will also be information points managed by the municipality.

"The organisational machine," explains the Mayor Alan Fabbri - is running at full speed thanks to a team of professionals of the highest level and experience in the field. In our idea and plans - as can be seen in many of the initiatives we are promoting - the concert is and will be an event of the city and for the city, an extraordinary opportunity to show the world the beauty of Ferrara, its welcoming capacity, and also its vocation as a city of music and cinema'. The first citizen, in this regard, also emphasises that from 4 May the calendar of Waiting for Bruce, a series of widespread events (involving more than a dozen venues in the area) with 13 musical events, featuring the Boss's great classics, three book presentations and two exhibitions.

From the website, among other things, you can directly access the page of Trenitalia with information on the special trains planned for the concert and the result of an agreement with the organiser Barley Arts.