For the first time, it will be a democratic draw to decide the order of access to the pit, the area of lawn closest to the stage, on the occasion of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band's 'Wrecking Ball Tour', in Italy for three concerts on 7 June at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, 10 June at the Stadio Franchi in Florence and 11 June at the Stadio Nereo Rocco in Trieste.


What is now a well-established procedure in the United States is being implemented for the first time in Europe in the American way: on the day of the show, fans in possession of a PRATO ticket will be given a numbered coupon between 8 a.m. and 12 noon. This will give them the chance to participate in the draw that irrefutably establishes the order of entry into the stadium and, upon presentation of a special wristband, access to the pit under the stage. The procedure will give an equal percentage chance of gaining access to the area closest to the stage to all those who wish to do so from among those who have purchased tickets for the pit, without the need for long nightly bivouacs in front of the stadium gates.


The details of the operation follow:

  1. On the day of the show, holders of a valid ticket for the PRATO sector will receive a numbered ticket, starting at 8.00 a.m. and not later than 12.00 noon, until all available tickets are sold out. The distribution is carried out by "Wrecking Ball Tour" staff, only at a designated gate, properly signposted in each stadium and in the information material distributed for each concert.
  2. The numbered ticket is only given to persons physically present and in possession of a valid ticket for access to the lawn, and only in the amount of 1 coupon per 1 ticket.
  3. Anyone who receives a numbered ticket has the same chance of entering the stadium and thus the pit first. However, possession of a numbered ticket does NOT guarantee access to the pit. Those who, in possession of a numbered ticket, do not fall within the maximum number of persons allowed for the pit area, will be diverted to the general entrance gates of the Prato.
  4. at 12.30 p.m. 1 NUMBER will be drawn to establish the order of access to the Pit: for example, if the number 130 were drawn, the holder of coupon 130 would be the first to enter, followed by 131, 132 and so on until the total capacity of the Pit is exhausted. The number drawn will be announced by megaphone to all those present at the designated gate.
  5. At the time of the draw, numbered ticket holders must be present and ready to enter the stadium. This means that they must not be in possession of any blunt objects or objects that cannot be brought into the stadium, such as cameras, cameras, bottles....In case of doubt, we invite the public to check with the personnel in charge before the draw.
  6. At 1 p.m., with the support of the staff, participants with numbered tickets who can enter the pit will line up in the order established by the draw.
  7. At 2 p.m. the winners, with Prato ticket in hand, will be let in in the established order and given a wristband that gives them actual access to the pit.
  8. Participation in the draw is not compulsory for any Prato ticket holder, who may decide to enter the general PRATO area, for which they have purchased a ticket.


Milan, 4 May 2012