Here are the technical numbers of Campovolo: the size of the four stages, the torry delays, the screens, the electricians, and even more. What is needed to set up CampoVolo and what you will see on 10 September in Reggio Emilia.
Size of the performance area: 150,000 sqm.

Stage dimensions :
Main front 90 m - structure height 26 mt.
Vintage front 60 m - structure height 15 m.
Theatre front 15 metres - depth 10 mt.
Only front 15 metres - depth 10 mt.

Walkways95 m long each (per side) - maximum height from ground 2.50 m.

Number 5 delay towers - height 16 m.

More than 1,000 luminaires inspired by the features of rock concerts performed from the late 1980s to the present day in Europe - lighting installation provided by Prg Europe (a company formed by the merger of Lsd and Varilites)

6000 kw required to power the lighting system and 2000 kw needed to power all services (note: 8000 kw in total is equivalent to 8 million watts).

More than 300 audio speakers hung on several sound clusters to acoustically cover the entire area.
The audio system will be Martin Audio London - Line array model - designed by Jim Cousins - one of the designers of the new Martin Line arrays - fibre optic signal transmission More than 1000 kw needed to power the audio system

8 large screens :

2 main semicircle of 22 m. 2 gangways of 13 m. X 7 m. 2 solo and theatre 8 m. X 12 m. 2 vintage 13 m. X 10 m.

200 people employed as audio, lighting, video, stage, set designers, generators, service caterers, technical assistance, production, logistics, promotion and etc.
300 persons employed in the catering service
200 persons employed in the medical service
500 people in security shifts
200 people employed as assembly personnel
15 electricians
30 firefighters
16 doctors
28 nurses
150 first aid volunteers
50 artists
who take turns on stage during the performances of special guests and supporters