Five new dates around Italy for the happy metal of NANOWAR OF STEEL

The happy metal band from Rome, author of the hit Giorgio Mastrota - The Keeper Of Inox Steel announces five new dates in anticipation of the new album currently in the works:

13.10 @ B-SIDE, Rende (CS)

14.10 @ CLUB HOUSE IBMC, Foggia

20.10 @ HALL 14, Collegno (TO)

21.10 @ COLONY CIRCLE, Brescia

31.10 @ ZONA ROVERI, Bologna

Multifaceted histrionics, Nanowar hide in the van "cassettes of Battiato and Frank Zappa', among the main sources of inspiration for a band that plays with irony and its levels of intelligibility.

Fresh from an intense two-year period, which led them to perform in Italy and abroad with international artists such as Gamma Ray, Wizard De Oz, Exodus, Therion, i Nanowar are also the authors of the anthem of Feudalism and Freedomauthentic social phenomenon of recent years, which together with Jenus - Don AlemannoHe also appears in the comics and in many live performances.

I Nanowar Of Steel are Potowotominimak (voice), Mr. Moustache (voice), Mohammed Abdul (guitar), Cat Panceri 666 (bass) and Uinona Raider (battery).