A first, slightly defiladed concert to rehearse the new songs on the album live THE WINDOW, released on 8 June and for the second consecutive week at No. 1 in the sales charts: negramaro, Sunday 24 June in Piazza Galimberti in Cuneo for the first date of LA FINESTRA TOUR, they presented themselves to their audience on a big stage - set design made of moving panels and luminous LEDs, inspired by the title of the tour and the album - 17 songs on the setlist and a surprise guest, Cristiano Godano, leader of the Cuneo Marlene Kuntzwith whom Giuliano Sangiorgi, frontman of Negramaro sang "The Song I Write For You".. An hour and forty minute long run through the new songs that the fans already know by heart and those that cannot be missed: when the notes of As Everything Flowing e 3 Minutes, the enthusiasm is palpable and before long some fans in the front rows faint from excitement (fortunately in Cuneo the evening air is cool and the few clouds dissipate during the concert).
There is time for a solo piano and voice interlude, for the unfailing invitations to sing and move your legs, for the touching duet with Godano, for a true declaration of love from the band to the fans, who reciprocate with the greatest possible passion, until it is time to turn off the lights, Between Clouds and Sheets closes the concert, but it is only the beginning of the Tour. Next appointment today in Collegnoon the outskirts of Turin. And it will be lights again on the negramaro.

playlist piacenza 21 june 2007
1. distraction
2. julian is then sick
3. while everything flows
4. the immense
5. one step back
6. summer
7. talk to me about love
8. the window
9. uncomfortably
10. it is so
11. only three minutes
12. and I will steal the moon for you
13. hands out of eyes
14. rain falls
15. that place that is not there
16. only for you
17. clouds and sheets