Demo-Suona: on 15 September, music and science among 'stars' Margherita Hack and Ginevra Di Marco


a show of words and music with
Margherita Hack and Ginevra Di Marco

in Demo-Sound 2011

Thursday 15 September - Milan, Palasharp - Democratic Party

The DemoSuona 2011 programme is further enriched:
the two 'stars' Margherita Hack and Ginevra Di Marco with 'The Soul of the Earth (as seen from the stars)'.
embellish an already strong playbill of

Almamegretta & Raiz, Nomadi, Area, Finardi, il Banco, Le Orme, Roberto Vecchioni and others.

No shortage of reggae by Mama Marjas, an evening dedicated to Balkan music
and the 'folk explosion' of the David Munnelly Band

The already packed calendar of Demo-Sounds 2011, the musical review animating the Democratic Party scheduled at the Palasharp in Milan from 1 to 19 September.

For 15 September, in fact, "L'ANIMA DELLA TERRA (VISTA DAL STELLE)" has been confirmed, in which the voice of the soul Ginevra Di Marco and astrophysicist Margherita Hack will be the protagonists, in a fascinating and unusual combination. It is a performance of words and music that tells the story of man's journey through the earth, investigating the relationship between us and the universe that welcomes us. The meeting of two 'stars', one of art and the other of science, becomes an opportunity to investigate some burning social issues such as immigration/emigration, new energies, globalisation, labour, corruption.

Ginevra Di Marco will interpret some of the most beautiful traditional melodies on these themes: songs full of meanings, values and history; Margherita Hack will alternate the songs with her in-depth texts, clarifying and expanding on the concepts with the force of her immense experience and charisma.

"The Soul of the Earth (View from the Stars)" is the brainchild of Francesco Magnelli
(formerly in C.S.I. and P.G.R. among others) who has shaped a show in which the sung and told word venture, between ethnic, traditional music and quality songwriting from all over the world, on a journey to all continents, with songs from Brittany, Cuba, Macedonia, Albania, Southern Italy, Tuscany. Accompanying the voice of Margherita Hack and the singing of Geneva Di Marco will be the same Magnellifloor and magnellophones, Luca Boy, on drums, and Andrea Salvadoriguitar and tzouras.

As for the other shows planned at Demo-Suona 2011, entirely by Barley Arts, In the 'Folk Explosion' evening on Sunday 9 September, the presence of the "David Munnelly Band, one of the most exciting bands on the Irish scene, who joins the Bergamasque "The Luf'. Thanks to its exuberant style, as wild and free as the west coast of Ireland where its members live, the David Munnelly Band has made a name for itself on both sides of the Atlantic for the high voltage that sustains a music whose inspiration ranges from ragtime to Irish trad.

This is the programme of Demo-Suona 2011 at the Palasharp, where Barley Arts will also take care of the catering area with a selection of artisanal food products from short supply chains:

2 September - Reggae Radio Station Event with Mama Marjas in concert & Vito War Dj Set - Admission 8 Euro

3 SeptemberAlmamegretta & Raiz - Admission 10 Euro

6 September - Nomads - Admission 20 Euro

7 September - "Cramps Night" with Area, Eugenio Finardi and Claudio Rocchi - Admission 20 Euro

9 September - 'Folk Explosion' with David Munnelly Band and the Luf - admission 10 Euro

10 September - Ballkan-ika 2011 with Fanfara Tirana, Magnifico + Pravda Dj Set - Admission 10 Euro

15 September - Margherita Hack and Ginevra Di Marco in "The Soul of the Earth (as seen from the stars)". - Ingr 20 Euro

16 September - Banco del Mutuo Soccorso + Le Orme + photo exhibition - Admission 22 Euro

17 September - Roberto Vecchioni - Admission 20 Euro

Tickets are on sale in the TicketOne.

Milan, 5 August 2011