Two new dates in CREMONA and SASSARI for NICCOLÒ FABI's tour

It will start on 7 December from Teatro Nuovo Giovanni di Udine the singer-songwriter's new theatre tour NICCOLÒ FABI who will return live to Italian cities where he has not yet presented his latest album "A sum of small things", winner of the 2016 Targa Tenco for Best Album. Two new dates are also added to the theatre tour: the 28 JANUARY in the famous Ponchielli Theatre in CREMONA and the11 FEBRUARY at the Municipal Theatre of SASSARI. Tickets for the new tour dates are available from today on the TicketOne circuit.

In addition to his greatest hits, Niccolò Fabi will present live the tracks from his new album 'A sum of small things", awarded as the best album of 2016 by more than 200 Club Tenco judges. The TARGA TENCO 2016 will be presented to the Roman singer-songwriter on 21 October at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, as part of the 'Tenco' festival (20 to 22 October in Sanremo). Tickets are on sale at, e or can be purchased at the box office of the Ariston Theatre, every day from 16.00 to 21.00.


These are the currently confirmed dates of the theatre tour in Italyorganised and produced by Barley Arts and Ovest:

7 DECEMBER in UDINE (Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine)

8 DECEMBER in SCHIO - Vicenza (Astra Theatre)

9 DECEMBER in BELLUNO (Municipal Theatre)

17 DECEMBER in SENIGALLIA - Ancona (La Fenice Theatre),

18 DECEMBER in SULMONA - L'Aquila (Maria Caniglia Theatre)

22 DECEMBER in FROSINONE (Nestor Theatre)

26 DECEMBER in APRILIA - Latina (Teatro Europa)

27 DECEMBER in BARI (Petruzzelli Theatre)

28 DECEMBER in COSENZA (Rendano Theatre)

20 JANUARY in MESTRE (Corso Theatre)

21 JANUARY in FORLÌ (Fabbri Theatre)

28 JANUARY in CREMONA (Ponchielli Theatre)

29 JANUARY in PARMA (Regio Theatre)

3 FEBRUARY in BERGAMO (Creberg Theatre)

 4 FEBRUARY in LA SPEZIA (Civic Theatre)

10 FEBRUARY in CAGLIARI (Conservatory Auditorium)

11 FEBRUARY in SASSARI (Municipal Theatre)

15 FEBRUARY in GENOA (Politeama Theatre)

16 FEBRUARY in BIELLA (Odeon Theatre)


27 FEBRUARY in CATANIA (Metropolitan Theatre).


In addition, Niccolò Fabi will be on a European tour starting on 27 October from Brussels. Here are all the dates: on 27 October at the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels(Rue de Livourne, 38), the 30 October to the Paradise of Amsterdam (Weteringschans 6-8), the1 November at the O2 Academy in Oxford (190 Cowley Rd), the 2 November at the O2 Academy Islington by London (Angel Central), the 6 November in La Bellevilloise by Paris (19-21 Rue Boyer), the 7 November at the Bar National in Luxembourg (194 Route de Longwy), the 10 November at the Privat Club in Berlin (Skalitzer str. 85-86), the11 November at the Technikum in Monaco (Grafinger Str. 6), the 13 November at B72 of Vienna (Hernalser Gürtel 72/73),  and the 16 November at Studio Foce by Lugano (Via Foce, 1).