EMAN: ICARO video online and new June date in Catanzaro

As of today, Friday 11 May, is online the video of "ICARO"(Jackie & Juliet / Artist First), first single from singer-songwriter EMAN's forthcoming new album.

Written and composed by Emanuel "Eman"Vinegarproduced by Matthias 'SKG"Masciari and mixed by Andrea De Bernandi (sound engineer),"Icarus"debuted in second place in the ranking Spotify's Viral 50.

In the track, currently available in digital download and on all streaming platforms, like a modern Icarus finding his strength in the fall, Eman gives life to an eclectic and unprecedented musical universe. A songwriting that pays homage to the past and dialogues with the present.

The video, written and directed by Alessio Caglioni (Ivica), was shot in Bergamo with the participation of Elia and Leonardo Sabbatini.

'Listening to a song creates different expectations around the video - tells Eman - For me, it does not have to be didactic, I prefer the director to be inspired by the words of the piece. When the work is finished, I simply add a few details inspired by the director's idea: art calls art, I like to think so. When I wrote this piece I had in mind the story of a man who, through faith and ambition, manages to get back up after a violent fall. Imagining the descent, the reference to the myth of Icarus was immediate. But the boy who betrays his father's recommendations by getting too close to the sun is only a starting point for my story. My intention, in fact, was not to analyse the flight and subsequent fall as a call to observe the limits imposed, but as a hymn to a man's ability to ask himself certain questions, without being afraid of the answers, so as to achieve awareness of his choices and actions. And redemption in the final assessment of what really counts, just when the force of gravity seemed, as usual, to have got the better of him'.

In additionafter the Milan and Rome stages, on 23 June, Eman will present tracks from his new album at the Ceravolo Stadium in Catanzaro (Via Francesco Paglia, 4)his homeland . The concert is part of the "Catanzaro Sport Village". Advance tickets are available on the official circuit Ticketone

EMANEmanuele Aceto, born in Catanzaro on 25 June 1983, started playing the guitar at the age of 11 and began writing his first lyrics. Driven by some communication difficulties, he plunged headlong into music and since 2001 has adopted the stage name Eman.  Involved in the Catanzaro reggae and dancehall scene, he became passionate about the genre and formed his first sound system in 2005, PennywiseIn 2009, he met Mattia Masciari (SKG), a very young DJ and producer, with whom a fruitful and constant collaboration was born, leading to the realisation of his first real, totally self-produced record work, "Like Vinegar'released in August of the same year. Together with his crew Kuanshota collective of artists and producers, EmanHe took an innovative musical genre on tour throughout Italy, and over the years collected hundreds of live performances, making himself known to an ever-widening audience.In 2012, thanks to the success of the song 'Insane'is noticed by Sony Music Italywhich put him under contract.Even the web was not indifferent to Emanso much so that the single "Amen'.in 2015, it was for weeks at the top of the charts in the Viral 50by Spotify. Subsequently, in February 2016, "AMEN'for Sony Music Italythe first official album by Emanwhich reached 37th place in the FIMI charts. Eman's repertoire, which is difficult to label, explores musical worlds that are often opposite: from reggae to dark, from electro-rock to contemporary and internationally inspired auteur music. The compositional originality meets committed lyrics, often a vehicle for messages of a social nature or denunciation (as in the case of "Amen'.o "I beg your pardon'), but also ironic and provocative ("Love in the Time of the Spread'., "Wake up', "Dust and Bones'). The combination of these elements gives rise to the unique style that has distinguished the young Calabrian singer-songwriter since 2005. Eman is currently working on his new album, anticipated on the radio by the single 'Icarus'.